Feb 12, 2010

I Feel Good

Whoof!! The whole family is taking turns posting on my blog tonight. Oh well, leaves me more time to chew on my favorite bone. I think of my bone as the best kind of anti aging product around. It makes me feel very happy and relaxed as I chew on it, and relaxation is very good fur us dogs as well as fur our humans. When stress gets in the way we all age faster, I have often heard people say "she's lived a hard life" when talking about someone who looks older than they are, so relax and chew a bone, take it easy, and you too will stay young-like fur longer. I am 11 years and nearly 2 months old. That is pretty old fur a Rottweiler, and yet I still have good health and lots of energy and such. People at the dog park always guess me to be around 3 years old. So you see, chewing bones is good fur you.

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