Feb 20, 2010

Just Thinking

Hi. Well, today is a new day and this pain in my foot is getting old. I wish there was some way to get rid of it. I'm okay mostly but if anything touches my toe or toe nail it hurts real bad and makes me yelp. I wonder, if I had gotten online life insurance, would it also cover going to a vet? Those guys sure charge a lot of money. Just to walk through the door costs several months worth of dog food and right now we just can't pay them that much. You see, if the 'exam' costs $75 or more, then the x-rays that will maybe be needed, and the medicine to fix it... we're looking at $400-500 and that would mean... well, it would be awful to even think those thoughts, so I'm going to be a good dog and quit right now.

Just thinking.

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