Feb 12, 2010

Healthy Dog Eats

I am feeling healthier & younger as well as much happier since I been eating a BARF diet. That means Bones And Raw Food. Mostly it's bones & raw meat that has ground up bones in it. Mom 'Bean buys it fur me at the butcher a couple towns away from where we live cuz no one around here sells it. It's real good and Mom said she'd rather spend more money on my food than to spend money at the vets. The raw food I been eating is more than the bags of food I used to eat, but still not as much as some of the dog food that comes in bags. Mom puts some Oil of Oregano into my food sometimes too cuz she says it's healthy fur me, and sometimes gives me vegetables too. I like when she gives me a raw carrot & I get to lay down & eat it like it was a orange doggy cookie. Sometimes I pretend I'm a big rabbit eating my carrot, arf arf arf. I think the raw meat & the carrots & the odd bone here & there, raw of course, is better than the most effective diet pills. I stay healthy & slim too. Of course though, I'm not sure you humans would want to eat what I do... after all, I am a dog.

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