Dec 29, 2009

Rambling on...

Woof the costs of Christmas and feeding all us critters while buying a motorcycle, I think Mom could use a good part time job. It has to be one where she can work around the pain she has in her body and be something she'd like to do and knows how to do. I told her she should look at the New York job search, but she said we don't live anywhere near New York. I guess I miss read it cuz I though it said pork, not york. Arf, arf. I like the raw meat she's been feeding me and I'm putting on a bit of weight, not skinny like I was but still slim & in good shape. This is a good thing cuz I don't want to look anor-x-ic or whatever that word is when yur too skinny and yur bones stick out. Hmmmm... bones. I likes bones. I think I'll go find mine and do some chewing now. Later folks. Whoof!!

Grouching woof reason

Well, the only comments I've gotten here lately are the spammer work. They copy comments other have left here fur me or they steel my own words to post here fur me to read as if I wouldn't recognize my own doggy words. Not all these peoples are smart, so guess we gotta allow fur that. I think they need a good business plan writer to write fur them so they can get into a business where their time will be better spent doing something other than spamming. All the hours and hours they spend spamming people & dogs is not getting them any money so they should do something better... in my most humble doggy opinion of course.

Dec 8, 2009

Burning Fat

Walking & swimming are two of the best fat burners I know of. Since I don't like swimming, I like to go fur long walks in the park, and just wade a bit in the creek to cool my feet down. Mom likes these walks too. Also, she likes to go to the pool to swim or to do Aqua Therapy where a lady tells a bunch of people in the pool how to gently exercise their bodies in the water. This is good cuz the body becomes very buoyant in the water so you don't feel that it's hard at all, and the water gives the muscles something to work against. It's very good for all the joints & muscles and even the heart & lungs. Mom's doctor is very happy that Mom is doing this, and that she goes to TOPS to Take Off Pounds Sensibly. She has got rid of 18 pounds of ugly fat since she joined there in January this year, and is keeping her blood sugars down real good too. I want to go fur more walks, but Mom says it's way too cold out there right now, and it gets dark too early. Go figure.

Dog Days of Winter when Winter hasn't even gotten here yet.

Today it was real cold in our house... you know, the big one where Mom & all the other critters live too, not my house out in the yard. Mom got her neck fixed at the chiropractor yesterday so she couldn't bring in more pellets to feed the stove and wanted what was in there to last the night, so she turned down the auger speed on it. This morning our friend Dan came over & put more pellets in just in time cuz it was burning up the last ones it had, and he brought in 2 more bags fur Mom to use later so she won't have to carry them in fur awhile. So Mom turned up the auger speed but not soon enough cuz not long after that the furnace came on too. We've never seen it before when the stove was running & the furnace came on anyway. Wow... Bow Wow even. The furnace is set to come on at about 60F.

Sometimes when I have spent the day outside & I come in, Mom says I smell like a sheep. That's cuz Mom took a whole bag of sheep fleece (2 unwashed fleeces) and put them into my house, so when I am in there I snuggle down into it to be warm & comfy. She had these bags of fleece for spinning and some moths got into some of them, so out they all went. Woof it being this cold, I think anything like moths or moth eggs will be frozen and hopefully killed dead. She used to process these fleeces and use the wool fur spinning into yarn. She says she'll spin again one day soon, just hasn't had time fur it lately.

I've been hearing stuff on the TV about Black Friday. I don't know what that means to humans, sounds kinda special, but doesn't make sense to me. I'm black every day!! Well, at least I'm black woof brown markings every day.

And now I'm going back to bed. I just feel like being a lazy dog today. Arf, arf, arf.

Dec 5, 2009

Dog Thoughts

Here's some things I been thinking about:

- I sure like the raw meat Mom got fur me and wish she'd give me more of it to eat cuz it's so yummy
- the wind is blowing lots out tonight and it's real cold so I sure am glad Mom let me inside
- I don't quite know what good a free directory would do fur a dog, but maybe fur a human
- I wonder what Mom will give me fur Christmas this year
- last night I met another of Mom's friends
- some people tell Mom she can't take a big dog like me on her trike. She doesn't want to believe them so still plans to. I wonder what it will be like.
- I want more doggy cookies
- Dan came over today and put new program on both of our computers so they won't get sick.

Nov 23, 2009

Comment Moderation

Hello my friends. I had to add Comment Moderation to my blog. It makes this dog very sad to have to do this, but there are so many LOSERS out there that waste time SPAMMING and way too many of them have found their way to this dog blog. They bin at Mom's too. Fur now it's added to my blog as it's the worst, and if this helps here I think Mom will have to add it to hers too. If things get better and these losers furget I'm here, I will take this off again. In the meantime, I hope it doesn't cause you too much problems if yur my friend.

Big dog kisses to all my friends... and thanks Thom fur your idea.

Nov 22, 2009

Dumb Stuff

Nan, Mom's Mom, is really not happy woof Mom getting a motorcycle. She's told Mom she'll end up in a wheelchair... and other 'dumb' things of nasty doom thoughts. She even told Mom "Your life insurance will go up." HA!! Mom doesn't have that, so it can't go up, and besides, it's not based on what someone drives. I don't think Nan liked it lots when Mom rode woof her friends, but never said anything 'til now when Mom gets her own bike. I think Nan doesn't have any confidence in Mom at all. Lots of people think Mom is dumb... but she's not. It's kind of like woof Dan... he does weird things, like fur example, there is a bit of a drop off between our place & the neighbor's yard. Mom has lived here fur 19 years, this will be winter #20 living here. In all those years, there was just 1 time I heard about, before I was born, that Mom got stuck cuz she backed up too much and her back wheels went over the bank. Just the back wheels, not the car she had. Papa, Mom's Dad, was still here back then and he was still healthy enough to help Mom, so he came over woof his truck and pulled her out... no big deal. She learned and never has backed over the bank again. Now Dan put something there to stop Mom from going over the bank. Mom's not impressed!! She's soooo much smarter than he thinks she is, which, to this dawg, makes her smarter than he is. Arf, arf, arf.

One vs Another

I sure am glad that Mom has 2 digital cameras. Well, one would be good enough of course, but it's good she has 2 just in case something happens to one of 'em. She got her 'new' one about a year ago now cuz it's better than the 'old' one in some ways. It's like: Kodak vs Fugifilm, megapixels - 4 vs 10, and zoom - 10 vs 12. The Kodak 'old' camera has a rechargable battery that came woof it and the Fujifilm 'new' camera Mom bought rechargable AA batteries and charger. So, anyway, there were some good times fur awhile where Mom didn't have to scrape fur all her money, and now things have changed. She'll have to find a new income cuz we can't live on her disability alone. Anyway, we'll trust God to bring us enough money to live and pay all our bills. We just gotta remember that when one door closes another one opens... and it is usually better. Right? RIGHT!


I just deleted whole bunches of comments that were left here fur me. You see, those nasty spammers are now using a new 'trick'. They copy comments left in previous posts, then post it as if it's theirs, or they copy comments left on other peoples blogs and post them here... anything to try to trick us into leaving their links here. You know, if they left a real message here I'd leave their link, but not this way.

I apologize if you are 'for real' and I delete your comment. You see, it can be kinda hard to tell if it's real or a spammer who copied one. So what I'm doing is, if it sounds appropriate to the post I leave it, and if it doesn't say something about that particular post, then it's gone. Of course, if you're someone I know then I leave it here fur sure... and am glad to get it.

I gotta tell you, if I had any Myrtle beach golf packages to give away, I would never give one to a spammer!!

Nov 9, 2009

Dog Day Sunday

Yesterday was a great day. I got to go woof Mom in our truck when she went to the Centre fur Sunday Service. I waited in the truck like a good dog. I have a real great bed in there so I got to snooze and to watch the world go by. When Mom finally came out she got into the truck and we drove to get her a cup of tea at Subway, then up to the dog park. It's been awhile since we were up there last so we were surprised to see some changes there. We knew they were gonna be done, but it was still interesting to see them done. They put up fences to encourage peoples and their dogs to stay on park property instead of going onto private property that we didn't know was. They also put in 2 big bridges fur people to cross the creek. So now if we leave the field and go into the bush, we just walk up a ways then cross on the bridge and walk up the other side. Up a ways further, cross again on next bridge and walk up a path that didn't used to even be there. It goes a long ways and is a very nice hiking trail, some up hill, some down, some flat, several little bridges crossing little bitty creeks. It was a real nice walk. I'm starting to feel more like a old dog though, so as much as I needed and loved going fur that nice walk, I was moving pretty slow and having a limp by last night and still today.

Today I got to go woof Mom & Tuggy when they went to pick up Mom's new motorcycle. I got out of the truck and fully enjoyed running around the yard while they worked. I even got into the trailer to see if I could help, but they said no, I'd be in the way. After that, we drove it to a welder's shop so he can work on it. That was a pretty long drive. We brought the trailer home & Mom let me out. After I had a pee & a drink she tried to put me back into the truck but I didn't want to go so she put me into my dog run. Then she got into the truck and drove away again. Not sure what's woof that. I usually want to go woof Mom all the time... just didn't feel up to jumping into the truck I guess. Too much like work when yur tired and sore from walking too far.

Oct 30, 2009

My Day

I got to go fur a ride today in my truck woof Mom. We drove out to our friend Tuggy's place and I waited in the truck while Mom went inside to visit. Later I saw his car leave and I can't say fur sure but I think Mom was in there and they went out another door. Later on, when they came back, they went back in the house fur awhile then came out and took me out of the truck. we went fur a short walk so I could go potties which I really appreciated bunches. They sure have lots of cats there, a momma cat & lots of babies. As far as cats go I guess they were real cute. One was even brave enough to come close to me when all the rest were scared to. I scared it real fast, arf arf. Mom got mad at me fur having fun. Hey, my teeth didn't actually connect woof the little fur ball, it was real fast on it's 4 feet.

I got to thinking... I've heard of 'term life' and of cats having 9 lives each... so are these the same kinda thing? Like... is each life a term that the cat lives? Anyway, if there were 6 cats there, and each one has 9 lives, that's like... ummmm... oh ya, 54 lives, right there in one yard!! Boggles the mind.

Then we went to another friend's home and Mom went into their house to visit awhile. Then they all came out and I got to run around in their yard fur awhile & both DJ & Rolland petted me. I played in snow in their yard that we don't have yet. Then we came home.

Mom's A Dreamer

Mom has a dream! Well, she has a few dreams... but this one in particular is to renovate her bathroom. She wants to build an addition on, kinda like one of those pop-out things on travel trailers, so that she'd have room fur a nice big bath tub. She used to love taking baths but never does anymore cuz she hates this tub, it's too small fur her and she's not even very long!! She was thinking maybe one of those walk in tubs, or a jetted tub... or her favorite would be the old fashioned claw foot tub. Anything that has a slanted back and enough room to relax and soak. She wants a big window in the wall too, and maybe those glass bricks too, so there's lots of light and she can see out when soaking. No one could see in unless they were right here in our yard and through the carport to the back... like the Hydro meter guy. Another dream she has is redoing the entire kitchen!! There are others too.

Triple Murder

Yesterday, Paco the Indian Ringneck Parrot murdered 3 of Mom's plants. I thought Mom was going to give him some Samsonite luggage and send him packing! But she didn't. She grabbed him in her hand, something she never does by the way, and stuffed him into his cage, then closed the door. She said he was in custody fur murder. He was locked up all day and only allowed out fur the evening 'til he went to sleep. Today DW, the other Indian Ringneck Parrot, took a bite out of another plant. She was very soon in custody fur attempted murder. There's dirt all over from those two digging in the plants too. Don't know why they started doing this lately. They never did it before, just started since Mom moved a few things around in this room. Crazy birds!! But Mom sure seems to love them.

Where We Live

Winter is getting closer all the time here. It's been raining a LOT, and getting colder. Today it was all gray 'n dingy out, raining lots in the morning and clearing up in the afternoon which is when I went outside much against my will. (Mom seems to think I need to go out eventually every day). As the clouds lifted up a bit I finally could see some of the mountain/hill across the valley from our home & there was/is snow moving down on it. All too soon it will be where we live. I don't mind the snow so much, but Mom would rather it not be here. It's a good thing that we live in well manufactured homes, "mine" and "ours". Mine was made by someone who took it to the auction to sell it. I was just a pup at the time and Mom let me check it out, then when I liked it she bought it fur me. A nice man asked her how she planned to get it home and she said she didn't know (she drove a car at that time). He offered to bring it home and she was happy. He didn't let her pay him or nothing, just dropped it off and left. Now I'm nearly 11 years old, so guess I've had my house fur about 10 1/2 years or so now. It could use a new roof as I've kinda damaged it woof my claws when I stand up and put my front paws on it, but it's not leaking yet so guess it's not so bad.

Oct 28, 2009

Jokes Fur U

I gonna tell you some jokes, arf arf.

Did you hear about the bird that got cheap life insurance? (or is that cheep life insurance? I'm a dog, don't expect me to spell good).

Okay, so maybe I'll just copy a few from the internet fur you to laugh at.

Q. What do goblins and ghosts drink when they're hot and thirsty on Halloween? A. Ghoul-aid!!!

Q. Why do demons and ghouls hang out together? A. Because demons are a ghouls best friend!

Q. What's a monster's favorite bean? A. A human bean. (that's my favorite bean too)

Q.Why did the ghost go into the bar? A. For the Boos.

Q. Why was the girl afraid of the vampire? A. He was all bite and no bark.

Q. Why did the game warden arrest the ghost? A. He didn't have a haunting license.

Q. Why didn't the skeleton dance at the party? A. He had no body to dance with.

Just gearing up fur a Happy Halloween!!

My New Bed

You should see the bed Mom made fur me in my truck, arf!! She put a pallet into the back of the truck to keep my bed off the floor cuz the canopy leaks and we bean getting lots of rain. Then she put a big thick old piece of foam over the pallet, then some carpet she took out of our living room last winter. She's been keeping it just fur me. I was so surprised and happy woof it the other day when Mom took me fur a ride in the truck. I hadn't been able to go along fur awhile cuz of all the rain and no canopy on the truck, and now that it's back on I can go again. Mom took me to the Centre on Sunday morning, then to Enderby to Nan's place in the evening. And guess what we did in between!! We went to visit a lady at Enderby who has birds. She sold a girl Pacific Parrotlet to Mom fur our boy Friday. She's real cute, but I don't see her & him getting very friendly. Mom keeps hoping tho. So while I waited fur Mom all those places, I had great sleeps on my new bed. I had lots of good dreams too, one strange one tho was these guys talking about virtualization services. Heck I don't even know what that means. Anyway, it turned out that the new bird wasn't a dream. She doesn't have a name so Mom will give her one, soon as she thinks of a good one fur the little feather head.

Oct 21, 2009

'Tiel Talk

Hello. It's not Reba this time... it's Billy Bob, one of the young male cockatiels that live here as well. I am weary of sharing my cage with Bubba because Bubba is a bully!! Yes, he most definitely is that. Oh, he is also a young male 'tiel, by the way. When we came to live here we were in a large steel cage with Angel & Stud Muffin, then were moved into a smaller cage due to the fact that it was all that was available at the time and our new "Mom", as this human seems to enjoy being called, wanted to give Angel & Stud Muffin privacy so that when they are ready they can start giving her some "grand birds". Also, well.... us young studs wanted to have Angel as our mate, therefore we kept trying to talk her into dumping S.M. for one of us. So now we each require our own living quarters and our own mates. I suppose we must locate the best web directory for birds and bird related items. Or maybe we will find something on Kijiji one day soon. That is where we were advertised when Mom found us and gave us a new home.

This is a photograph of the most beautiful Angel... and me in the background, working my way ever closer to my lady love, to no avail.

The one sitting on the yellow feeder is Stud Muffin, Angel's mate. The other one, with the yellow & orange, is Bubba.

Oct 16, 2009

Just Talking

It got real cold here for awhile and I didn't like that at all. Now it's warm again so lots nicer. I had to stay home today cuz Mom was real busy woof stuff she had to do. I'm still home alone, out in my run while waiting fur Mom to come home. Good thing she left me her 'other' laptop. Works good that way now that she has a new one. She thought the HP was about to die even tho it was only 1 1/2 years old, cuz it makes bad noises a bunch and fur awhile the monitor was all weird. Anyway, since she doesn't take it woof her anymore it is running better and I sometimes get to use it when Mom is away. Arf, arf, arf. But I digress.... it was being out here that I was talking about. The light is off so I'm out here in the dark and woof no heat. Not that there's heat in the house now either mind you, cuz Mom furgot to put a bag of pellets into the stove before she left and it only runs so long woof out a new bag of pellets... so it is probably chilly inside too. Still though, I think Mom should get home real soon and let me inside and feed me and the pellet stove. I don't need weight loss supplement... I just shiver off any excess fat. Where oh where is my MOOOOOMMMMM!! I know... I'll just bark at some coyotes fur awhile till she gets home. I know she'll be here soon and I'm hoping she's bringing me some pasta fur my dinner.


I was just looking on the net and found a wrinkly dog. Here's some piktures.

This is what it said about them:

The Chinese Shar-Pei is a medium size dog with an alert and dignified stature. They are considered to be compact and square in profile. Their head is slightly larger than proportional for the body, but not excessively. They have a hippopotamus like muzzle and a very high set tail. The tail is so high set that it is said to display an uptilted anus. These features give the dog its unique appearance. The tail is one of the most characteristic features of the Shar-Pei. It should be thick and round at the base and then taper to a fine point. It should curl over to either side of the back. They are covered in loose skin which gives the appearance of wrinkles all over the body. However, the wrinkly appearance can lessen as the dog ages and then the loose skin may only appear on the head, neck, and withers.

This breed is of medium length with muscular and well set sloping shoulders. They display a broad and deep chest with the brisket extending to the elbow and then rising slightly under the loin. The hindquarters are very muscular and the hocks should be short and perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other when viewed from the rear. It is important that the hind dewclaws are removed.

The gait of the Chinese Shar-Pei is characteristic of a trot. When the dog moves at a more vigorous speed, it is noticed that the feet seem to converge into a center line. The Shar-Pei has good forward reach and a strong drive from the hindquarters.

I say that they are rather cute in a wrinkly sort of way... and I think they could really use some best wrinkle creams.

Arf, arf, arf.

Oct 15, 2009

Things even a dog knows...

There are some things a dog just knows... ya know what I mean? It just comes naturally. Then there are things a dog doesn't know until a human tells the dog, then the dog knows. There are even things a dog doesn't know until a human tells the dog... then because the dog wasn't listening it still doesn't know... ya know?! And there are things a dog doesn't know until a parrot teaches the dog, and those things a dog doesn't often forget.

Well, I'm going to tell you some things this dog knows, regardless of how I got to know them.

- Never get too close to a parrot or it will bite at you and if it connects it hurts.
- If outside and you want in, just bark lots 'til your human comes and opens the door.
- diet pills are not fur dogs.
- Dog cookies are fur dogs... and this dog likes lots of 'em.
- Dogs never get enuff dog cookies.
- Dogs like to go everywhere their humans go.
- Cats are a newsence!!
- Birds are.... well... bird brains.
- Mom loves all us critters.
- Typing is hard woof big paws.

Well, maybe I'll tell you more another time. Fur now tho, it's time fur my favorite bedtimes snack. Yup, a doggie cookie!!! Yummmm.

Oct 14, 2009

I got a needle

A week or two ago in human years, Mom took me to a critter doctor, called a vet. We don't believe in getting shots, but Mom decided that I had to get a rabies shot. You see, she was hoping we'd be going to visit her friend in the USA, and to cross the border a rabies shot is required fur a dog. So we went and got me one, but to get one you have to have an examination by the vet first. Woopie, like as if he did anything much to earn the big bucks they charge fur this. Anyway, he looked at my teeth and listened to my heart & lungs, then had Mom weigh me (I'm about 85 pounds). Then he stuck me woof that needle. He said I'm really great!! He said that most rotties are overweight and that their people tell him it's muscle, but there is still lots of fat woof the muscle... but I'm perfect woofout being overweight at all. Mom had to do stuff to make my food more interesting this summer cuz I was getting too skinny and I've never been fat. I watch what I eat. Mom doesn't have to feed me pet supplements or anything special like that to keep me healthy, she just gives me a cheapo-beepo brand of dog food and gives me scraps sometimes or raw meet when she has it, sometimes a raw carrot (I love them) or a piece of apple (love them too). Also, she soaks my food sometimes or puts raw eggs on it fur me. I love it when she does stuff like this, makes my dinner more yummy.

Anyway, it cost Mom about 4 big 18kg (40 lb) bags of dog food to get me that rabies shot, one of those bags lasts more than a month, so probably about 6 months worth of my dog food... and now we're not even going to the USA!! Well, maybe in the spring or next summer, but not now.

Oct 2, 2009

Dog Park

Whoof!! I thought I'd show you all some piktures I had Mom take at my dog park the other day. You'll get to see some of why I like it there so much.... oh ya, and the dogs and walking are good too. Arf, arf, arf.


Hi All,
This is Reba's Mom here. I thought I'd tell you I am away in Penticton with some friends of mine. We are here for a TOPS Fall Jamboree and there are 4 of us women sharing a motel room. We are having a hoot, laughing a lot and eating. Yup, eating junk food. We are supposed to be loosing weight and here we are working at finding some. And it is so much fun. The way we are eating we may be saying "click here for weight loss pills" on the way home tomorrow evening. Well, at least we got a good walk going to the thrift store, then to the mall and back. Tomorrow will be a big day full of fun & meeting lots of people from other TOPS groups. This is my first time as I only joined in January this year. It should be a lot of fun.

Trickin' My Ride

Mom has been working real hard on tricking out my ride lately. Of course she thinks she's fixing up her truck, but 'we' know better don't we. Arf, arf, arf. She's sanded and painted the roof and the hood and several other spots. My ride now looks like a appaloosa horse woof all it's spots 'n dots of black paint on teal truck. Mom says it will help save the truck from the rust though. I think she should get one of those dash kits to make the dash look fancy too. We'll see, maybe she'll get the idea too. Woof the weather getting colder and rainy she'll soon have to take off that steel rack she just painted and put the canopy back on to protect me from the weather. My Mom 'Bean treats me real well, whoof!! There is a hole in to roof of my canopy, and Mom is going to have to fix it fur me woof some fiberglass. I'll tell ya all more about it when she gets it done.

Sep 21, 2009

Motorcycle Mom Update

Remember the day I told you 'bout the motorcycle Mom was looking at to buy? She told her friend Tuggy about it and when he was out there for something else he saw this and had a look at it fur Mom. He phoned and told her that it looked good. He told her the first thing to do is to sit on it and make sure it fits and feels comfortable. Mom has short legs so this can be a challenge fur her. So she did what he said and to stand it up she was on the very tips of her tippie toes. This means that she can't drive this bike safely cuz it's too tall fur her. She'll need to find one that is short, arf arf arf. I guess there's no point in getting her a motorcycle jack fur Christmas this year. (Not that I was going to anyway, arf arf arf.) Oh I'm such a funny dog!! Mom should post me on her "Laugh" posts this month on her blog.

"Stay Still While I Take Pictures"

Mom likes to take piktures of me and my friends at the dog park. She wants me to stand still and look pretty while she takes 'em. She says stuff like: "Stay Still While I Take Pictures". Well, this just doesn't happen unless she catches me unaware... arf, arf, arf. It's fun to drive her crazy and move just as she clicks the shutter. I guess we can say she doesn't get much order fulfillment... arf, arf, arf. I thought I'd show you a few piktures she took September 16th, last Wednesday.

This is Blu. He's a registered Black Russian (sounds like some kind of boozy drink, arf.) He has some kind of real long fancy name but his friends just call him Blu. Mom got lucky woof this shot.

I'm not the only one that does this to Mom. The dog was so small Mom got down to take the pick and it ran right under her.
Mom wood'a been happy if I hadn't moved my head. I was sniffing the little ankle biter. Cuz it was wet on it's body & dry on it's head it looked like a tiny lion dog, arf arf arf!!

Sep 12, 2009


Guess what I did today!! I went FISHING!! Yup, fur real fishies!! Mom wanted to learn to fish cuz she's had a fishing rod & a bit of tackle fur 2 years now, and has had a fishing license fur a long time too, but never got out cuz it's been sooooooo many years since she learned to fish (more years than I've been alive & I'm old fur a dog), and she couldn't really remember how to tie the hook on or if floats was needed or sinkers or both. So, today we drove out and picked up our friend Tuggy (he's called that cuz he drove and lived on Tug Boats fur 3 dogs lives - around 30 human years). Anyway, Tuggy went woof us to a lake called Pillar Lake and he helped Mom, then they both fished a lot off the bank, way far from each other so their lines wouldn't get tangled. I hung out woof Mom mostly and went to have a few short visits woof Tug. I tried to wander off a few times to find other stuff to do, but Mom would call me back each time. It was kinda nice hanging out around the lake. Kinda wish we'd done that when the weather was still real hot. Anyway, no fishies was caught so eventually we went down the road and sat at a picnic table fur awhile woof them talking, then drove back to the town where Tug lives and visited Mom's real long time friend Stacia. Tug knows Stacia & Lucky too. Then we drove Tug back home to his place and drove us home to our place. I think Mom really liked fishing & visiting woof her friends. I think we'll do it some more too.


I think I need the services of a Pleasanton motorcycle accident attorney. Mom 'Bean was walking down the street the other day and by accident saw a motorcycle she wants to buy. I want to find a way to stop her from having such a conveyance. If she has one of them she'll go all over the country woofout me cuz I can't safely ride on one of those. She would like to have one woof a side car fur me, or have a trike so she can have a place on the back of it fur me, and I'm not sure if I'd like that or not. She has ridden the back of lots of bikes but has never driven one, she hadn't even ridden one fur many years, not since our old friend Gil quit riding his BMW, then he died. Now this year she got to go on a ride and it's all back big time in her blood, she 'has' to ride and doesn't have anyone who can take her riding as often as she wants to go so thinks she has to have her own. This guy said she could make payments on his bike and take the bike home when it's paid fur. Mom's friend Tuggy thinks it would be a good bike fur Mom and said he'd go look at it woof her to make sure. I do think she's now kinda possibly maybe likely made up her mind to wait and save her money then buy one in the spring cuz she feels not good about debt and making payments. Guess time will tell.

See, this is evidence!! There's no place fur me to ride!!

She has to be stopped!!

Sep 11, 2009

Piktures of ME.

Whoof!! Hi my friends. It's been awhile since I got here, I've been busy. Ya, I know, you people think us dogs don't do much of anything but lay around and sleep and while I must admit I do a bit of that I do still do other things. I go fur rides in the truck woof Mom every chance I get and that's happening more now that the weather is cooled down a bit, and I go fur walks at the Dog Park when Mom can take me there. Lately I've even been thinking about how to do diet pill reviews woof out saying if I like 'em or don't like 'em. I wouldn't want my opinion to sway people after all. Arf, arf, arf.

So anyways, I promised Thom one day that I'd get Mom to take some photos of me the way I ride in the truck. Here they are. Arf, arf.

Aug 30, 2009

Need Yur Opinion

Well, one I finally actually like the look of. Check this out free directory submission and let me know what you think of it. It might be a good way to get more people to come to my blog... errr, and Mom's too fur that matter. I want her to read it but she's been on the phone fur awhile talking to a lady she's know fur many years. You see, Mom was married a long long time ago, many dog lives ago in fact. Back in what I've heard referred to as the '70s. After they got divorced, he eventually met Nancy & they lived together fur lots of years, right up to when he died suddenly at age 44 (human years). Nancy & Mom knew each other before Everett met Nancy & they always liked each other so there never were hard feelings between them over him. Anyway, Nancy is now working on a history book fur the little town where she lived with Everett, and where Mom had lived as an early teenager. She wanted to know if Mom wanted her to put Mom's name in there as being married to Everett for those years... after all, she was a big part of his life once upon a time. So Mom said yes... and they chatted fur a long time 'bout many things. Now that she's off the phone, she's busy putting birds to bed fur the night. So woof her being busy I thought I'd ask yur opinion on this opportunity. Hey it might be good fur getting people to yur blog too. Thanks.

People Like ME!!

I just came on here to moderate comments and get rid of the spammer... grrrrr. Thought I'd say 'hi' to all you good people too while I'm here. Whoof!!

So... Mom took me to the dog park fur a nice walk the other day. Before we got there she had to run some errands and such, so we drove around town some. People seemed to like me even just riding in the truck woof Mom. There were some guys on a bench on one corner of the main drag and one guy says something to the other to make him look at me and they smiled lots. Then we were in a parking spot at the grocery store, just gonna leave, when a woman drives in beside us and laughs, telling Mom how cute I look. Others took second looks at me too. I guess it's cuz I'm so beautiful. Mom says it's cuz of the way I choose to ride. You see, I am tied (to keep me safe from falling out) into the rack on the back of the truck, there is a big tool box thing in there, and the back window slides open... so I gets up onto the tool box and lay there woof my head and front legs inside the cab and the rest of me outside on the tool box.

When we were in town she went to the Centre to do her volunteer work and was glad she'd done all she could on the computer at home cuz the puter there wasn't hooked back up yet from some changes made in the office. Rev. Dale was just putting it back together. Rather than waiting, Mom was able to just leave her flash drive there so he could print out the programs for Lorraine to put together. Today she will have to pick that up when at the Centre for Service so she can do the program fur next week. Then she's taking me back to the dog park fur another walk, then coffee woof our friend Wendy.

Aug 24, 2009

A Good Day!!

Today I got to go fur a ride in the truck and a walk in the dog park. I haven't been getting to go along woof Mom very often cuz it was so hot, and now that it's a bit cooler I got to go along. I really loved it. I got to visit woof other people and other dogs, and to run free and to drink from the creek. It was good fur Mom to walk to, though she brought some books along to work on at a picnic table so didn't walk as much as I think she should have. If she had been walking instead of sitting she would have avoided the 'Bible Thumper'. He walks his dog Lady up there and too often starts preaching to Mom, likely to other people too. Mom doesn't like that at all. She has her own beliefs and doesn't like having someone trying to shove their beliefs down her troat. He makes it hard fur her to get away woof out being rude. Today she finally asked him "Where do you think God is?" and he said everywhere. She said "So you mean God is in this picnic table, in this tree..." and he cut her off, as he always does, and said no, not there. She said "So then, you don't believe God is everywhere. You said he's everywhere and now you're saying everywhere except there, and there, and there." She hopes she gave him something to think about. He probably went straight home and is reading his Bible trying to find the answer or at least twist the words to somehow make him right that God is everywhere except.... Finally we just walked away saying Mom had a dinner date. Yup, she did... a dinner date at home woof herself and she didn't want to be later fur that, arf arf arf. I think Mom needs some new shoes so she can walk more and better woof me. Maybe some MBT shoes would be good. Her other ones are getting pretty worn out. Her back needs to have special care, including thingies in her shoes to support her feet better. She's been doing well this summer, feeling better than often.

Well, off to the great outdoors to go potty one last time, then off to my bed. Night night all you hoomans and critters alike.

Aug 23, 2009


Whoof!! How you all doin? All is good here in the land of critters. Mom found out this morning that the cat has tape worms cuz the cat threw up and there was a big wormy in it. YUCK!! Cat won't need any weight loss supplements woof those inside her eating all the food she swallows. Mom thought I might have wormies so she gave me raw meatballs woof Oil of Oregano in 'em and that seems to have worked cuz I've gained back some of the weight I'd lost, but it's not so easy woof a cat. As a dog I woof down the meatballs pretty much woofout even biting them. Cats iz so much more picky about food. The cat might eat a meatball... real slow, little bite by little bite, but would smell it first and woof the Oil of Oregano in it wouldn't even touch it. Looks like Mom will have to buy wormy pills fur the cat and that is not cheap. See, another good reason to get rid of that interloper and just have a dog. (ME). And to think that worm infested thing sometimes sneaks in and sleeps woof Mom in her bed. EWWWW!!!

Yesterday Mom bought a board woof a cushion on the back of it, special fur putting on yur knee to put yur laptop on, so now she can sit on the comfy chair and work or play on the laptop instead of sitting at her desk. This seems to make her happy. I get to use the old laptop that sits on the desk, so I stand beside the desk and type woof a stick in my mouth. One little key at a time. Not like Mom typing woof all her fingers at the same time. That's why my posts take longer than hers so don't get up as often. I gets tired and goes fur a nap. Nap?!! Sounds like a great idea. See you all later.

Oh... Thom told Mom he left me an award so guess I better get over there and pick it up. Yup, after my nap. ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzZZZZzzzz.......

Aug 6, 2009

A Dog Quote

Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.

- Groucho Marx -

Jul 31, 2009

Mom is Goofy

... no, not the dog Goofy, just goofy as in a little bit, errrr... crazy.

She has a flat deck trailer that was given to her and she tried to use it fur hauling pellets fur our stove (she stocks up in summer fur the winter). It turned out that a ton of pellets is too heavy fur this trailer that used to be a travel trailer before someone took the top off it. Also, it's kinda long and there's a tight corner at the top of the hill (our driveway) so can't get trailer close enough to carport to make unloading easy. Turns out it's easier to just use the truck and make several trips, bringing home 1/2 ton at a time and can then back right into carport to unload all those heavy bags. So now what is she going to use the trailer fur? Well, guess there's several things it might come in handy fur, or will it just be more clutter in the yard?

Now here's the goofy part. She decided to make it into a Redneck Tent Trailer!! She's going to build a platform on the front of it. Underneath the platform will be storage space and on top of the platform she'll put a tent woof a mattress/foamy in it. When driving the tent will be down, then will be put up when parked. She's thinking build rails around the sides and it's a patio fur chairs, table and BBQ that will be in storage space while driving. I can even be there woof her on the patio or tied to the trailer hitch. She wants to go out to some lakes and drown worms. Now how goofy is that too? She said when she's drowning worms, fishies might get on her hook and come out of the water fur us to eat 'em.

Woof a tent trailer like that I don't think we be going to any rv parks, though I can see Mom doing that if we ever needed to. (Whine). I think we should take it into a parade woof the tent up and a "Redneck Tent Trailer" sing. Arf, arf, arf. Maybe fur the TOPS group or fur Toastmasters so people will see and want to join these clubs. Arf, arf, arf.

If she ever gets her hands on a tent to use, and on the wood she'll need, and actually builds this thing, I'll make sure to get piktures fur you to see it.

Jul 26, 2009


Hi. Someone named Anonymous keeps leaving messages here, and I mean Lots of messages, that I don't post. I can't read 巧克力(chocolate) 的種類... and even if I could I wouldn't post stuff like this. You'd think that when none of this persons posts ever show up here they'd clue in and stop leaving them. Guess they're not as smart as your average dog.

Not only am I not going to post these things, but the only chocolate I am interested in is Chocolate Labs, and then only a little bit (in moderation). Chocolate Labs are dogs that can be fun to play woof. I wonder if eating the
best diet pills would make this person go away like they sposed to make fat go away? Hmmmm. But I'm already too skinny & Mom 'Bean is trying to fatten me up, so guess I better not try it. Arf, arf, arf.

Well, I gotta go out now. Mom has a pork chop fur me to take outside & eat so she can get ready to go to Sunday Service. TTYL.

Jul 23, 2009

Twittering - An Introduction

Hi. My name is Friday. I think it's time for you to hear another view of life... and the dog is outside for a quick poop before bed. Oh, I know that, being a bird, I should be long since asleep by this time, but someone left the lights on in here so I am wide awake and thought I'd introduce myself and tell you a bit about myself.

I am a Pacific Parrotlet. Parrotlets are usually under 5 inches long and weigh around 30 grams or less. I am no exception to this. We used to be bigger, and our Amazon cousins still are big... but you see, once upon a time a very long time ago, some on our ancestors got into doing weight loss supplements and they over did it somewhat. Now we are this tiny... but we still have all the BIG birdinality that our family ever had. In fact, we are often referred to as "the tiny parrot with the big personality" or " big personalities in tiny packages" and other such silly names.

Parrotlets make good pets, especially if you have just one of us. We bond real good to our people if they treat us good and with love. We tend to be very protective of our homes and bite if you put your hand into our cage, then we are nice & friendly once we are out of the cage.

People now days are all excited about Twitter... well, I'm telling you, we birds started Twitter literally centuries ago. Nothing new there!! Just took humans a long time to catch on, and now they're all atwitter about it. Go figure.

I just about fell off the computer as I fell asleep. Think I'd better fly now. See you later.


Caught in the Act

"It wasn't me playing solitaire on Mom's computer!"
"Wasn't me either!"
"Must've been the CAT!!"
"Quick. Let's flock off!!"

Yup, one of 'em left evidence that they were on the keyboard. Bad boids!