Dec 8, 2009

Burning Fat

Walking & swimming are two of the best fat burners I know of. Since I don't like swimming, I like to go fur long walks in the park, and just wade a bit in the creek to cool my feet down. Mom likes these walks too. Also, she likes to go to the pool to swim or to do Aqua Therapy where a lady tells a bunch of people in the pool how to gently exercise their bodies in the water. This is good cuz the body becomes very buoyant in the water so you don't feel that it's hard at all, and the water gives the muscles something to work against. It's very good for all the joints & muscles and even the heart & lungs. Mom's doctor is very happy that Mom is doing this, and that she goes to TOPS to Take Off Pounds Sensibly. She has got rid of 18 pounds of ugly fat since she joined there in January this year, and is keeping her blood sugars down real good too. I want to go fur more walks, but Mom says it's way too cold out there right now, and it gets dark too early. Go figure.

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