Dec 29, 2009

Rambling on...

Woof the costs of Christmas and feeding all us critters while buying a motorcycle, I think Mom could use a good part time job. It has to be one where she can work around the pain she has in her body and be something she'd like to do and knows how to do. I told her she should look at the New York job search, but she said we don't live anywhere near New York. I guess I miss read it cuz I though it said pork, not york. Arf, arf. I like the raw meat she's been feeding me and I'm putting on a bit of weight, not skinny like I was but still slim & in good shape. This is a good thing cuz I don't want to look anor-x-ic or whatever that word is when yur too skinny and yur bones stick out. Hmmmm... bones. I likes bones. I think I'll go find mine and do some chewing now. Later folks. Whoof!!

Grouching woof reason

Well, the only comments I've gotten here lately are the spammer work. They copy comments other have left here fur me or they steel my own words to post here fur me to read as if I wouldn't recognize my own doggy words. Not all these peoples are smart, so guess we gotta allow fur that. I think they need a good business plan writer to write fur them so they can get into a business where their time will be better spent doing something other than spamming. All the hours and hours they spend spamming people & dogs is not getting them any money so they should do something better... in my most humble doggy opinion of course.

Dec 8, 2009

Burning Fat

Walking & swimming are two of the best fat burners I know of. Since I don't like swimming, I like to go fur long walks in the park, and just wade a bit in the creek to cool my feet down. Mom likes these walks too. Also, she likes to go to the pool to swim or to do Aqua Therapy where a lady tells a bunch of people in the pool how to gently exercise their bodies in the water. This is good cuz the body becomes very buoyant in the water so you don't feel that it's hard at all, and the water gives the muscles something to work against. It's very good for all the joints & muscles and even the heart & lungs. Mom's doctor is very happy that Mom is doing this, and that she goes to TOPS to Take Off Pounds Sensibly. She has got rid of 18 pounds of ugly fat since she joined there in January this year, and is keeping her blood sugars down real good too. I want to go fur more walks, but Mom says it's way too cold out there right now, and it gets dark too early. Go figure.

Dog Days of Winter when Winter hasn't even gotten here yet.

Today it was real cold in our house... you know, the big one where Mom & all the other critters live too, not my house out in the yard. Mom got her neck fixed at the chiropractor yesterday so she couldn't bring in more pellets to feed the stove and wanted what was in there to last the night, so she turned down the auger speed on it. This morning our friend Dan came over & put more pellets in just in time cuz it was burning up the last ones it had, and he brought in 2 more bags fur Mom to use later so she won't have to carry them in fur awhile. So Mom turned up the auger speed but not soon enough cuz not long after that the furnace came on too. We've never seen it before when the stove was running & the furnace came on anyway. Wow... Bow Wow even. The furnace is set to come on at about 60F.

Sometimes when I have spent the day outside & I come in, Mom says I smell like a sheep. That's cuz Mom took a whole bag of sheep fleece (2 unwashed fleeces) and put them into my house, so when I am in there I snuggle down into it to be warm & comfy. She had these bags of fleece for spinning and some moths got into some of them, so out they all went. Woof it being this cold, I think anything like moths or moth eggs will be frozen and hopefully killed dead. She used to process these fleeces and use the wool fur spinning into yarn. She says she'll spin again one day soon, just hasn't had time fur it lately.

I've been hearing stuff on the TV about Black Friday. I don't know what that means to humans, sounds kinda special, but doesn't make sense to me. I'm black every day!! Well, at least I'm black woof brown markings every day.

And now I'm going back to bed. I just feel like being a lazy dog today. Arf, arf, arf.

Dec 5, 2009

Dog Thoughts

Here's some things I been thinking about:

- I sure like the raw meat Mom got fur me and wish she'd give me more of it to eat cuz it's so yummy
- the wind is blowing lots out tonight and it's real cold so I sure am glad Mom let me inside
- I don't quite know what good a free directory would do fur a dog, but maybe fur a human
- I wonder what Mom will give me fur Christmas this year
- last night I met another of Mom's friends
- some people tell Mom she can't take a big dog like me on her trike. She doesn't want to believe them so still plans to. I wonder what it will be like.
- I want more doggy cookies
- Dan came over today and put new program on both of our computers so they won't get sick.