Jul 31, 2009

Mom is Goofy

... no, not the dog Goofy, just goofy as in a little bit, errrr... crazy.

She has a flat deck trailer that was given to her and she tried to use it fur hauling pellets fur our stove (she stocks up in summer fur the winter). It turned out that a ton of pellets is too heavy fur this trailer that used to be a travel trailer before someone took the top off it. Also, it's kinda long and there's a tight corner at the top of the hill (our driveway) so can't get trailer close enough to carport to make unloading easy. Turns out it's easier to just use the truck and make several trips, bringing home 1/2 ton at a time and can then back right into carport to unload all those heavy bags. So now what is she going to use the trailer fur? Well, guess there's several things it might come in handy fur, or will it just be more clutter in the yard?

Now here's the goofy part. She decided to make it into a Redneck Tent Trailer!! She's going to build a platform on the front of it. Underneath the platform will be storage space and on top of the platform she'll put a tent woof a mattress/foamy in it. When driving the tent will be down, then will be put up when parked. She's thinking build rails around the sides and it's a patio fur chairs, table and BBQ that will be in storage space while driving. I can even be there woof her on the patio or tied to the trailer hitch. She wants to go out to some lakes and drown worms. Now how goofy is that too? She said when she's drowning worms, fishies might get on her hook and come out of the water fur us to eat 'em.

Woof a tent trailer like that I don't think we be going to any rv parks, though I can see Mom doing that if we ever needed to. (Whine). I think we should take it into a parade woof the tent up and a "Redneck Tent Trailer" sing. Arf, arf, arf. Maybe fur the TOPS group or fur Toastmasters so people will see and want to join these clubs. Arf, arf, arf.

If she ever gets her hands on a tent to use, and on the wood she'll need, and actually builds this thing, I'll make sure to get piktures fur you to see it.

Jul 26, 2009


Hi. Someone named Anonymous keeps leaving messages here, and I mean Lots of messages, that I don't post. I can't read 巧克力(chocolate) 的種類... and even if I could I wouldn't post stuff like this. You'd think that when none of this persons posts ever show up here they'd clue in and stop leaving them. Guess they're not as smart as your average dog.

Not only am I not going to post these things, but the only chocolate I am interested in is Chocolate Labs, and then only a little bit (in moderation). Chocolate Labs are dogs that can be fun to play woof. I wonder if eating the
best diet pills would make this person go away like they sposed to make fat go away? Hmmmm. But I'm already too skinny & Mom 'Bean is trying to fatten me up, so guess I better not try it. Arf, arf, arf.

Well, I gotta go out now. Mom has a pork chop fur me to take outside & eat so she can get ready to go to Sunday Service. TTYL.

Jul 23, 2009

Twittering - An Introduction

Hi. My name is Friday. I think it's time for you to hear another view of life... and the dog is outside for a quick poop before bed. Oh, I know that, being a bird, I should be long since asleep by this time, but someone left the lights on in here so I am wide awake and thought I'd introduce myself and tell you a bit about myself.

I am a Pacific Parrotlet. Parrotlets are usually under 5 inches long and weigh around 30 grams or less. I am no exception to this. We used to be bigger, and our Amazon cousins still are big... but you see, once upon a time a very long time ago, some on our ancestors got into doing weight loss supplements and they over did it somewhat. Now we are this tiny... but we still have all the BIG birdinality that our family ever had. In fact, we are often referred to as "the tiny parrot with the big personality" or " big personalities in tiny packages" and other such silly names.

Parrotlets make good pets, especially if you have just one of us. We bond real good to our people if they treat us good and with love. We tend to be very protective of our homes and bite if you put your hand into our cage, then we are nice & friendly once we are out of the cage.

People now days are all excited about Twitter... well, I'm telling you, we birds started Twitter literally centuries ago. Nothing new there!! Just took humans a long time to catch on, and now they're all atwitter about it. Go figure.

I just about fell off the computer as I fell asleep. Think I'd better fly now. See you later.


Caught in the Act

"It wasn't me playing solitaire on Mom's computer!"
"Wasn't me either!"
"Must've been the CAT!!"
"Quick. Let's flock off!!"

Yup, one of 'em left evidence that they were on the keyboard. Bad boids!

Jul 13, 2009

Me In Our Truck

These are the piktures I promised to get fur you to see. It's me in the truck woof the new rack on it. Mom took these when we were parked. She was having tea on the patio at McDonald's woof Wendy. Because we were parked and she was close and watching me, she loosened off the tie rope so I could lay down if I wanted to, and I did fur a bit too. When we're driving the rope is lots shorter so I can't even get to the side of the truck and fall out. I can still get up onto the tool box though, and put my head and front legs into the cab through the sliding window. I likes that. The tool box is new to Mom too, and she thinks it's very handy to have. Someone gave her all that rope/cord and she has it hung up there 'til she gets to untangle it all and cut it into some shorter pieces. She says it will come in handy fur millions of things. She always likes to have ropes and such fur tying things onto the truck or trailer... includining me. Arf, arf, arf. Seriously though, she doesn't tye me to anything very often, just into the truck woof no canopy or such to protect me from falling out.

Jul 10, 2009

New Rack fur Mom's Truck

Yesterday was real rainy and we stayed home. Wow, did it ever come down like I've never seen in July. The day before yesterday Mom took me on a ride to town in our truck woof a 'new' rack on it. Her friend Mike sold it to her fur a good deal and it's all strong steel, but it has no sides on it fur my protection. Mom will figure out something soon, and in the meantime I gets tied into it. It was kinda scary at first and I didn't really enjoy our ride to town. In town, Mom loosened off the tie some so I could lay down, and still not have enough to jump out or anything like that, and left me in the truck while she was in the Centre doing her volunteer work. Every once in a while I saw her lookin' out at me making sure I was okay. Arf, arf, she didn't know I saw her. She's very protective. Anyway, I kinda got used to the idea a bit and was much better on the drive home. Also, Mike gave Mom a tool box fur the back of her truck, so I was standing on that too and it's kinda slippery. Mom was very nervous too. I've always been inside the canopy or in a rack woof the sides on it. Lots of dogs are in back of trucks woofout that protection, some aren't even tied in even though it's against the law to have loose dogs in yur truck. Yur sposed to have us secured in yur truck. I think it's legal to have me loose woof a canopy or rack woof sides, though I'm not real sure. I'll get Mom to take a pikture of the truck woof the rack on so I can show it to you. Maybe even woof me in it. Ya... woof me in it. You'll all like to see me again. Yup. K. Gonna do that.


Jul 9, 2009

About Raw Food

I've been doing some reading on raw food diet fur dogs. They call it BARF and while that may not sound appetizing to you hoomans, dogs do like to eat barf. Well, this actually means Bones And Raw Food. Arf, arf, arf. Now that might sound better to you than before. Mom likes the way my body isn't too fat or too thin, and she won't allow me to do any appetite suppressant reviews. I guess that's a good thing. If we had the money Mom would put me on a raw food diet, and fur awhile I did get to eat lots o' raw food cuz someone gave Mom a bunch or organic range beef to feed to me. Mom ate it too cuz it was so good. I did real good on that, and the veggies Mom put into it too, and wish someone would give us more raw meat. Our friend Wendy believes in feeding dogs raw food, and has many times made dogs healthier by feeding 'em raw meat and such. I sure could go fur a nice steak about now. Vets (critter doctors) are against BARF diets, but Mom & Wendy think many it's cuz healthy critters don't got to go see vets, so it's a big $$$$$ deal. All I know fur sure is that it sure tastes way better than store bought dog kibbles and doesn't have all that chemical stuff in it, or other yucky things that are put into dog kibbles.

I'm making me hungry. Gotta go find a snack.