Jul 26, 2009


Hi. Someone named Anonymous keeps leaving messages here, and I mean Lots of messages, that I don't post. I can't read 巧克力(chocolate) 的種類... and even if I could I wouldn't post stuff like this. You'd think that when none of this persons posts ever show up here they'd clue in and stop leaving them. Guess they're not as smart as your average dog.

Not only am I not going to post these things, but the only chocolate I am interested in is Chocolate Labs, and then only a little bit (in moderation). Chocolate Labs are dogs that can be fun to play woof. I wonder if eating the
best diet pills would make this person go away like they sposed to make fat go away? Hmmmm. But I'm already too skinny & Mom 'Bean is trying to fatten me up, so guess I better not try it. Arf, arf, arf.

Well, I gotta go out now. Mom has a pork chop fur me to take outside & eat so she can get ready to go to Sunday Service. TTYL.


quilly said...

Dogs don't need diet pills! And, ask your mom bean to go to her settings page and put in that fellas email addy, so her spam filter will delete them -- oh wait. You have blogger. Sorry. I don't know how that one works.

Anonymous said...

LOL...Chocolate Labs...love it Reba :) You are a smart one to do this :)

Reba said...

Quilly - it's true, we dogs don't need diet pills, especially me cuz I already too thin from what Mom says. However, we do need doggy cookies and I have to post ads to get money so Mom can buy more cookies fur me. They keep sending lots of ads about diet pills. We are against diet pills, but have to accept all ads sent to us or none at all. It's a challenge to keep working the rotten things into my posts... but some dogs will do almost anything fur a cookie. Arf!! Mom looked and from what she can tell there is no way to block anyone woofout blocking everyone, so guess I'm stuck woof this spammer fur now. They've even found their way over to Mom's blog now. We some days get 5 or 6 posts to delete thanks to this person. GRRRRRRR.

Thom - thanks Thom. I like you too. (Slurpppp, bigg doggy kiss up yur face).