Jul 13, 2009

Me In Our Truck

These are the piktures I promised to get fur you to see. It's me in the truck woof the new rack on it. Mom took these when we were parked. She was having tea on the patio at McDonald's woof Wendy. Because we were parked and she was close and watching me, she loosened off the tie rope so I could lay down if I wanted to, and I did fur a bit too. When we're driving the rope is lots shorter so I can't even get to the side of the truck and fall out. I can still get up onto the tool box though, and put my head and front legs into the cab through the sliding window. I likes that. The tool box is new to Mom too, and she thinks it's very handy to have. Someone gave her all that rope/cord and she has it hung up there 'til she gets to untangle it all and cut it into some shorter pieces. She says it will come in handy fur millions of things. She always likes to have ropes and such fur tying things onto the truck or trailer... includining me. Arf, arf, arf. Seriously though, she doesn't tye me to anything very often, just into the truck woof no canopy or such to protect me from falling out.


Anonymous said...

Looks awesome Reba. Your mom is a smart woman for tying you up while in the back there. We wouldn't want anything to happen to you. Excellent pictures :) WOOF WOOF

quilly said...

I see! Thank you for sharing. I was very confused about a rack without sides. Good job, Reba -- and you are quite a handsome girl!