Jul 9, 2009

About Raw Food

I've been doing some reading on raw food diet fur dogs. They call it BARF and while that may not sound appetizing to you hoomans, dogs do like to eat barf. Well, this actually means Bones And Raw Food. Arf, arf, arf. Now that might sound better to you than before. Mom likes the way my body isn't too fat or too thin, and she won't allow me to do any appetite suppressant reviews. I guess that's a good thing. If we had the money Mom would put me on a raw food diet, and fur awhile I did get to eat lots o' raw food cuz someone gave Mom a bunch or organic range beef to feed to me. Mom ate it too cuz it was so good. I did real good on that, and the veggies Mom put into it too, and wish someone would give us more raw meat. Our friend Wendy believes in feeding dogs raw food, and has many times made dogs healthier by feeding 'em raw meat and such. I sure could go fur a nice steak about now. Vets (critter doctors) are against BARF diets, but Mom & Wendy think many it's cuz healthy critters don't got to go see vets, so it's a big $$$$$ deal. All I know fur sure is that it sure tastes way better than store bought dog kibbles and doesn't have all that chemical stuff in it, or other yucky things that are put into dog kibbles.

I'm making me hungry. Gotta go find a snack.

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