Jun 30, 2009

Bird Brain Stuff

Some people think this place has gone to the dogs.... I say it's going to the birds! Mom got 2 more if the little feather heads. She did give 2 away though, so we 'only' have 8 birds here now. Some of the crazy things even are eating out of Mom's mouth when she's eating something they like and they're on her shoulder. If she has nothing in her mouth, they will bite at her teeth and bite her lip and make her yelp. Don't ask me why she puts up woof that! She won't let me or the cat eat out of her mouth like that, or bite at her. We'd get smacked fur that, I'll tell ya. I think the 'old' birds got jealous of the 'new' birds, cuz since Tiki & Friday have been here and riding on Mom a lot, DW & Paco now have got real friendly and riding on Mom like they used to do then stopped. Or maybe it's cuz DW isn't trying so much to get Mom to fertilize her eggs fur her. Stupid bird won't let the boy bird anywhere near her, and wants Mom to do what she can't do! Bark! I think Mom realizes now that the 'cute trick' of a bird eatin' out of her mouth isn't so cute after all... arf, arf, arf. DW just won't give up trying to get something that isn't there anymore. OUCH, bet that one hurt! I think DW bit through Mom's lip skin, bet it will swell up. Mom yelled and DW ended up on the floor real fast. Mom didn't mean to, just pain reaction. She didn't hit the bird, just jumped and the bird fell off the shoulder... then the lip. Now she's walkin' around on the floor and will have to climb back up onto the cage. Those birds sure can climb. I think Mom should feed the birds some weight loss pills and just watch 'em loose weight 'til they disappear... arf, arf, arf.

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Thom said...

LOL...Those birds are pesky things aren't they. I'd keep 'em caged and let you rule the roost Reba :)