Jun 22, 2009

Manic Monday

The word this week, brought to us by Mo at the Manic Monday homepage, is:

There are lots of things you can pop. Some of 'em are:
- pop a zit!
- pop a weasel
- pop a balloon
- pop some top rated diet pills
- pop a candy in yur mouth
- pop the cat (arf, arf)
- woof some doggy cookies (well okay, so that's not a pop, but it's a good idea anyway)
- and now I'm gonna think about popping in to my bed.
(yawn, stretch)

Have a Manic Monday!


quilly said...

Pop goes the weasel -- but don't chase it. They're pretty mean and you won't like what happens once you catch it.

Anonymous said...

Great use of the word REba. How fun this was to read. Aloha

Marilyn said...

Careful about popping those kitties!