Jun 15, 2009

Manic Monday

The word this week, brought to us by Mo at the Manic Monday homepage, is:

Well, shower me woof ephedra pills... okay, just gettin' yur attention woof that one, arf arf. Aren't I a funny dog?!!! Seriously though, hoomans... dogs don't like to shower. In fact, we don't like to bath either. You brush me and I will lick where I think needs to be cleaned and that will do just find, thank you. Oh, you can shower me woof love though, and woof doggy cookies. I never seem to be able to get enough love or doggy cookies, and these are very important to a dog. I think people should shower each other woof more love too, but not woof doggy cookies.

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Anonymous said...

You don't like a shower Reba? Hmmm your momma gotta keep you clean somehow. I agree with you tough about showering with love. Good point. You be a good girl. ARF ARF

Jamie said...

Well beautiful Reba Rottweiler, I would gladly shower you with love and don't like showers. Now I did know a water spaniel that was very very fond of splashing about.