Jul 19, 2007

Friday's Feast #1

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being highest) how much do enjoy watching sports on television?

Zero cuz I only watch the TV if I hear a dog bark on it.

If you could completely memorize any one work of fiction, which one would you pick?

Doggy Tales (and if there isn't a book called that then there should be)

What is your favorite breakfast food?

Raw organic eggs from Mom's chickens

Main Course
Name something fun you can do for less than $10.00.

A romp in the dog park! I wanna go to the dog park!

How long does it usually take you to fall asleep?

Only a few minutes if I've been to the dog park that day. I just nap a bit here and there mostly.

Thanks for visiting me at my doggy bloggy.... Now you can leave me some words.

Jul 18, 2007

Woofless Wednesday

Welcome to my
Woofless Wednesday!

Mom took these on our walk July 1st.
Please let me know if you see any piktures that you think Mom could enter into the Fair and win a ribbon with... anywhere on my bloggy or hers. Arff! She'll post more soon, so check back to her blog soon and often.
Rufff, ruFFF.

Remember to click your mousie on the pikture for a bigger one.

Jul 9, 2007

Dogic Monday - Seven (7)

Dogic Monday
(Manic Monday to Hoomans)

Today, 07/09/07, the Manic Monday theme, as chosen by Mo at It's A Blog Eat Blog World, is Seven (7)

Seven things I like:

- Doggy cookies (7 would be nice)
- Playing at the Dog Park (wish I could go there 7 days a week)
- Walking in the creek at the Dog Park
- Sleeping in Mom's bedroom (yup, 7 nights a week)
- Being brushed &/or petted
- Raw steak dinners (7 would be good each week)
- Raw bones (yaaa... 7 of these too, please)

Oh ya, I should tell you something else I like is when you leave me a link so I can sniff my way down it to find your blog, and when you leave stuff for me to read.

Jul 6, 2007

Trying Again

This is a pikture of my layin' down resting on our July 1 walk. It was a real hot day and I'm gettin' to be an old dog, and besides, I had to wait for Mom & Bev to catch up. woof woof. So, Mom cropped this way down so it will be a gooder size for the header pikture. She's still havin' problems with changing my bloggy, so she went back to a two column and is starting again from scratch.

Jul 4, 2007


Maybe this whole bloggy change should be filed under "Bonehead Ideas" cuz Mom is having a real hard time with it. hafiz238 over at kembara di bumi Melbourne has given Mom lots of help and we really think that's nice... and Mom has done it and done it and still can't get it to work.

So for now Mom is going to bed. He'll be gone all day and evening tomorrow (well, later today I guess it is) so it will be Thursday before she gets to do this again. Oh well, at least she got rid of that background print that hurt my eyes so much.

Sniff down for Woofless Wednesday... it's not too far away.

ME again!

I took Mom & her friend Bev for a nice long walk on July 1st after church. We sure had a nice time and Mom took 158 piktures. Some of them were of ME!


Havin' my pikture here is part of my Mom puttin' my bloggy back together again. Auntie Bee misses my pickture here, so gotta fix that.

Jul 3, 2007

Woofless Wednesday

Happy 4th of July!!!

To all the nice hoomans that lives cross de border to our South.

Happy 4th of July and Happy Woofless Wednesday to everybody.

Bloggy Changes

Hi.... My Mom is making changes to my bloggy. Arf!

She wants to do them to her bloggy, but is doing it to mine first cuz it's new so has less on it to loose if Mom screws up. So far she lost all my widgets, and I've lost all my pretty green, so now have a background that hurts my doggy eyes. Mom's promised me that she will try to get rid of the pattern and back to my green. I know she'll do her best. She's learning new tricks, even though she's not no young dawg. Whoof

And the silly puter won't let Mom put my pikture back up on top, so for now we stuck with the one that's there 'til Mom can figure out have to change it. Grrrrr.

Let me know what you think of the new look.

Jul 2, 2007

Dogic Monday

Whoof!! Welcome to my blog and
Dogic Monday
(Manic Monday to hoomans)

Mr. Mo over at It's A Blog Eat Blog World gave us this new word, like every week. The word this week is INDEPENDENCE.

In de pen dence.... Well, when I'm in de pen Mom knows I'm safe. I can't walk down to get on the highway and get hit by a car, like Mom's much loved D-O-G did August 27, 1998, and Bronx did October 27, 1998. I guess people that drive real fast like that much be dence.

Mom got D-O-G when she didn't really want a dawg. Mom was a 'confirmed cat person' whatever that is. This boyfriend she had was living where he couldn't have a dawg and he wanted one, so decided Mom should get a dawg... I guess so he could go to the place she lived in then and play with it. Mom kept saying she didn't want a dawg and he kept bugging her to get one, so finally she said "Okay, but I have to pick it out, you can't do that for me". She thought if she kept refusing every dawg he came up with she'd be off the hook... and it worked for awhile. "Nope, it's a nice dog, but not the right one", or "Noooo, I don't feel comfortable with this one" and stuff like that.

One day Mom and Bruce were in a place called 100 Mile House visiting his family. They went to a feed store and there was a baby dawg, about 7 weeks old, in a cage. Mom said it was just a ball of fluff with 4 legs and a nose. Anyway, Bruce handed this baby dawg to Mom, feet first, and it wrapped it's little front legs 'round Mom's neck and snuggled its head into Mom's neck. When Bruce said "If you don't want this one, just put it back in the cage", Mom said "No one is ever putting my dog in a cage again!"

Mom is smart, so she didn't keep Bruce around too long... way longer than she should have, but anyway, she got smart and got rid of him. I guess that's a kind of independence too, huh. (I would've bit him and made him go sooner).

D-O-G was Mom's very wonderful dogger and they loved each other lots and went through a lot together. Then one night when D-O-G was 11 1/2, she left the yard for the very first time on her own and BANG!! D-O-G had independence and was allowed to be free in the yard, she always stayed in the yard real good and when stray kitties came to the yard to beat up on Mom's kitties, D-O-G would "escort" them off the property, but would never go off the property herself, until that one time. It almost killed Mom.

On October 27th, a lady Mom knew brought Mom a new dawg. It was an 18 month old rottweiler boy named Bronx. He had been treated real bad and not fed much, so he was skinny and starvin' hungry. This lady took Bronx from that home, some relative of hers, and brought him to Mom. He went into the compost pile that had some turkey bones in it, and he had a mouth full of those bones when Mom saw him. She went over to Bronx, stuck her hand in his mouth and took the bones out... and he let her! Then she had to go to work, so she tied her new dawg up on a dawg chain, thinking he'd be safe like that and planning to see later how good he was with being in the house and in the car. When she came home that night Bronx was gone. He broke the chain and wandered off. She looked and looked in pouring rain half the night, calling his name. The next morning he was found dead on the side of the highway, about 100 feet from where D-O-G had been killed.

In February 1999, when I was about 7 weeks old, Mom came to my birth home and took me to live with her. It took awhile for us to bond cuz Mom still missed D-O-G and wanted me to be like that. Once she finally found out that was why we had problems, she started to accept me as me and then we fell in love. Now we love each other a lot. Mom could never go back to being just a cat person... now she's a critter person and loves all critters. Mom will never be able to be independent of dawgs, lol.

I sometimes worry about Mom... I'm 8 1/2 and our cat Shadow is 16. What will Mom do without us when we both go to the Rainbow Bridge. It will break Mom's heart.


Now, leave me a pathway back to your bloggy... and tell me what a good dawg I am :o) Whoof!!

Jul 1, 2007

Canada's 140 !

Three barks for Canada

Hip, hip... BARK
Hip, hip... BARK
Hip, hip... BARK


All images from AltaVista Images