Nov 23, 2009

Comment Moderation

Hello my friends. I had to add Comment Moderation to my blog. It makes this dog very sad to have to do this, but there are so many LOSERS out there that waste time SPAMMING and way too many of them have found their way to this dog blog. They bin at Mom's too. Fur now it's added to my blog as it's the worst, and if this helps here I think Mom will have to add it to hers too. If things get better and these losers furget I'm here, I will take this off again. In the meantime, I hope it doesn't cause you too much problems if yur my friend.

Big dog kisses to all my friends... and thanks Thom fur your idea.

Nov 22, 2009

Dumb Stuff

Nan, Mom's Mom, is really not happy woof Mom getting a motorcycle. She's told Mom she'll end up in a wheelchair... and other 'dumb' things of nasty doom thoughts. She even told Mom "Your life insurance will go up." HA!! Mom doesn't have that, so it can't go up, and besides, it's not based on what someone drives. I don't think Nan liked it lots when Mom rode woof her friends, but never said anything 'til now when Mom gets her own bike. I think Nan doesn't have any confidence in Mom at all. Lots of people think Mom is dumb... but she's not. It's kind of like woof Dan... he does weird things, like fur example, there is a bit of a drop off between our place & the neighbor's yard. Mom has lived here fur 19 years, this will be winter #20 living here. In all those years, there was just 1 time I heard about, before I was born, that Mom got stuck cuz she backed up too much and her back wheels went over the bank. Just the back wheels, not the car she had. Papa, Mom's Dad, was still here back then and he was still healthy enough to help Mom, so he came over woof his truck and pulled her out... no big deal. She learned and never has backed over the bank again. Now Dan put something there to stop Mom from going over the bank. Mom's not impressed!! She's soooo much smarter than he thinks she is, which, to this dawg, makes her smarter than he is. Arf, arf, arf.

One vs Another

I sure am glad that Mom has 2 digital cameras. Well, one would be good enough of course, but it's good she has 2 just in case something happens to one of 'em. She got her 'new' one about a year ago now cuz it's better than the 'old' one in some ways. It's like: Kodak vs Fugifilm, megapixels - 4 vs 10, and zoom - 10 vs 12. The Kodak 'old' camera has a rechargable battery that came woof it and the Fujifilm 'new' camera Mom bought rechargable AA batteries and charger. So, anyway, there were some good times fur awhile where Mom didn't have to scrape fur all her money, and now things have changed. She'll have to find a new income cuz we can't live on her disability alone. Anyway, we'll trust God to bring us enough money to live and pay all our bills. We just gotta remember that when one door closes another one opens... and it is usually better. Right? RIGHT!


I just deleted whole bunches of comments that were left here fur me. You see, those nasty spammers are now using a new 'trick'. They copy comments left in previous posts, then post it as if it's theirs, or they copy comments left on other peoples blogs and post them here... anything to try to trick us into leaving their links here. You know, if they left a real message here I'd leave their link, but not this way.

I apologize if you are 'for real' and I delete your comment. You see, it can be kinda hard to tell if it's real or a spammer who copied one. So what I'm doing is, if it sounds appropriate to the post I leave it, and if it doesn't say something about that particular post, then it's gone. Of course, if you're someone I know then I leave it here fur sure... and am glad to get it.

I gotta tell you, if I had any Myrtle beach golf packages to give away, I would never give one to a spammer!!

Nov 9, 2009

Dog Day Sunday

Yesterday was a great day. I got to go woof Mom in our truck when she went to the Centre fur Sunday Service. I waited in the truck like a good dog. I have a real great bed in there so I got to snooze and to watch the world go by. When Mom finally came out she got into the truck and we drove to get her a cup of tea at Subway, then up to the dog park. It's been awhile since we were up there last so we were surprised to see some changes there. We knew they were gonna be done, but it was still interesting to see them done. They put up fences to encourage peoples and their dogs to stay on park property instead of going onto private property that we didn't know was. They also put in 2 big bridges fur people to cross the creek. So now if we leave the field and go into the bush, we just walk up a ways then cross on the bridge and walk up the other side. Up a ways further, cross again on next bridge and walk up a path that didn't used to even be there. It goes a long ways and is a very nice hiking trail, some up hill, some down, some flat, several little bridges crossing little bitty creeks. It was a real nice walk. I'm starting to feel more like a old dog though, so as much as I needed and loved going fur that nice walk, I was moving pretty slow and having a limp by last night and still today.

Today I got to go woof Mom & Tuggy when they went to pick up Mom's new motorcycle. I got out of the truck and fully enjoyed running around the yard while they worked. I even got into the trailer to see if I could help, but they said no, I'd be in the way. After that, we drove it to a welder's shop so he can work on it. That was a pretty long drive. We brought the trailer home & Mom let me out. After I had a pee & a drink she tried to put me back into the truck but I didn't want to go so she put me into my dog run. Then she got into the truck and drove away again. Not sure what's woof that. I usually want to go woof Mom all the time... just didn't feel up to jumping into the truck I guess. Too much like work when yur tired and sore from walking too far.