Nov 22, 2009


I just deleted whole bunches of comments that were left here fur me. You see, those nasty spammers are now using a new 'trick'. They copy comments left in previous posts, then post it as if it's theirs, or they copy comments left on other peoples blogs and post them here... anything to try to trick us into leaving their links here. You know, if they left a real message here I'd leave their link, but not this way.

I apologize if you are 'for real' and I delete your comment. You see, it can be kinda hard to tell if it's real or a spammer who copied one. So what I'm doing is, if it sounds appropriate to the post I leave it, and if it doesn't say something about that particular post, then it's gone. Of course, if you're someone I know then I leave it here fur sure... and am glad to get it.

I gotta tell you, if I had any Myrtle beach golf packages to give away, I would never give one to a spammer!!


Anonymous said...

One more thing know you could have the word verification put on your post so they have to put in a word to submit the comment. Many blogs do that :)

Anonymous said...

Myrtle Beach Golf Pacakges. Reba honey you are just to funny. I don't like those spammers either. They piss me off as a matter of fact. I say whats the point ya know. But one thing with wordpress it does a pretty good job about shoving those comments into my spam folder :) Have a good one.. :)

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