Aug 12, 2011

Traveling Thoughts

It's 8:42am as I start to type this post.... I didn't sleep much last night as I am excited to be heading to Omak to spend time with a friend of mine. I've never ridden my trike anywhere near this far before, so this will be a new adventure. From where I live it is about 2 1/2 - 3 hours to the Canada/US border, then likely that much again to Omak. I've driven down there before but don't remember how long it took me to get there, and that was in my truck which is a lot different than riding a trike. Now all that I have on the road is the trike and it is so much easier on gas than the truck, so I'm off and riding. I will stop from time to time and take a break. I think I can ride non-stop for about 2 hours. By that time I will need to stop for gas in the trike and will take advantage of that to rest a bit. Before I go I am putting some padding on my hand grips to hopefully help my hands to not hurt so much. They've been very stiff and sore lately and my doctor suggested I try bigger hand grips, also suggested that vibration could be part of the problem. So for now I am putting water pipe insulation foam things on the existing hand grips to see if that helps and if it does I can buy new grips. This stuff should also help absorb vibration. Guess I'll see if it helps or not. Wish me luck, lol.

Riding Friends

One evening this summer I was visiting friends from my motorcycle group, All Canadian Riders Club, and we were sitting around Shane's outdoor fire pit, talking and visiting not only with people from out club, but also friends of Shane's that aren't in the club. I really love getting to know new people, especially those that ride motorcycles. Since I quit going to church and started riding my own trike I have found a whole different world and that these people are more caring and supportive than the ones that I met through the church I belonged to for many years. When I was riding last year and got hit by a car no one from church came to visit... but some other friends did and riders were among them. Also, when the insurance company finished with my trike I was able to buy it back from them and bring it home.... some of my ACRC friends came with truck, trailer, strong men and brought the wreck home for me so I could use parts from it to build a new trike. Now that's friends.

Leaving for Omak

I am heading to Omak WA today, going down for Stampede Weekend. I didn't go last year though for about 5 or 6 years before that I went all the time. Before I head out I have to make sure all of my animals have loads of food and water, way more than enough for the 3 days I'll be gone. Whenever I go like this I make sure I give them way more than they need.... just in case. I also have a 16 year old young man coming by to play with my dog while I'm gone. I don't want Indaway to be lonely so want someone to come visit him, though he too will have way more food and water than he actually needs for 3 days, and Brock will know where the water hose is to be able to give Indaway fresh water.

Another thing I will do before I go is to get travel health insurance, sort of like getting life insurance with no exam, just in case I get injured or killed riding my motorcycle in the US. Any time one crosses the border from Canada to the US it is a good idea to have travel insurance and though I never have gotten it before I will this time. This is the first time I'm going on my motorcycle and last year I found out just how easy it is to be hit by a car. Now I know that 80% of crashes involving motorcycles involves cars hitting the motorcycle. I don't like those odds and do my best to protect myself.

Aug 9, 2011

Men... and Women

I read this somewhere and thought I would share it with you, lol.


--------------are like apples---------------------

----------on trees. The best ones-------------

--------are at the top of the tree.-------------

------Many ladies don't want to reach-------

-----for the good ones because they--------

---are afraid of falling and getting hurt.----

---Instead, they get the rotten apples-----

---from the ground that aren't as good,----

---but easy. So the apples up top think----

---something's wrong with them when in--

----reality they're amazing. They just-------

------have to wait for the right lady to------

------- come along. The one who's-----------

-------------- brave enough to-----------------

------------------climb all-------------------------

------------------the way-------------------------

-----------------to the top------------------------

----------------of the tree.-----------------------

P.S. I know where you can get a ladder??? :)

I think it also works in reverse... Women being the apple at the top of the tree and men being afraid to climb so high.

Online Auction

I was checking out my Hotmail to see if anyone had sent me an email or anything and I clicked on an ad for an online auction place. Just out of curiosity, mind you. I went there to see what they had and what kind of prices things are going for. I would really love to get an iPad one day as I saw one a guy had and thought they are really cool and as my laptop gets older and needs replacing I think I'd rather get an iPad than another laptop. First though, I will do a bunch of research to make sure it really is what I want and that I get it for the best price I can. I see that an Apple iPad 32 GB Wi-Fi sold for $22.53. One catch though.... on top of what you pay for the item you also pay $0.60 per bid and this could add up pretty quickly if you have to bed a lot to get the item. During the last 10 seconds, if you bid a penny or more the timer resets to 10 seconds then ticks down and say it gets to 5 seconds remaining and someone else bids a penny, the timer resets to 10 seconds. This can go on for quite some time.

I can see where it could be a lot more pricy than it appears so I would be leery to bid there unless I had lots of money available.

Gear Up!

I took this photo last evening, 8 motorcycles and there were 10 people including me. We were on our regular Monday evening All Canadian Riders Club ride. Shane, one of our riders, said that with it being so hot he didn't understand how I could fully gear up... chaps, jacket, gloves as well as my helmet. Most of the other riders wore only short sleeve shirts and jeans, only one other than me wore his leather jacket, but no chaps.

If you read my blog often, you know that 11 months ago, September 10, 2010, I was riding my trike (3 wheeled motorcycle) when I was hit by a car. All summer long I had ridden in muscle shirts, spaghetti strap sun tops, or bathing suits with my jeans. I loved the freedom of riding like that and the resulting sun tan, the best sun tan I'd ever had. Yes, I knew it was not a good idea to ride without protective gear, but hey, I ride a trike!! Far safer than 2 wheel motorcycles!! I still believe that 3 wheels are safer than 2... and I know that when a car hits you, you are 'going down' either way. The day I was hit I was wearing my leathers, thank God!! In fact, I had been given a pair of chaps about 1 1/2 hours before I was hit, so I was fully geared up proudly wearing my new chaps as well as my jacket and gloves... all leather. Yes, I was still fairly severely injured, yet I know that had I been wearing my usual summer attire, I would have been injured far worse!! The scrapes on my helmet show where my head would have been damaged if I wasn't wearing the helmet, and I know that my skin would have been off my body and all over the road if I had not been wearing leathers. So often I see people wearing shorts, tank tops/t-shirts/hip hop clothing/flip flop shoes/and other things that are not appropriate gear for riding motorcycles. I wish I could make people understand that you never know when someone will hit you or when you might hit loose gravel and go down, so you must always wear protective gear!!