Aug 12, 2011

Riding Friends

One evening this summer I was visiting friends from my motorcycle group, All Canadian Riders Club, and we were sitting around Shane's outdoor fire pit, talking and visiting not only with people from out club, but also friends of Shane's that aren't in the club. I really love getting to know new people, especially those that ride motorcycles. Since I quit going to church and started riding my own trike I have found a whole different world and that these people are more caring and supportive than the ones that I met through the church I belonged to for many years. When I was riding last year and got hit by a car no one from church came to visit... but some other friends did and riders were among them. Also, when the insurance company finished with my trike I was able to buy it back from them and bring it home.... some of my ACRC friends came with truck, trailer, strong men and brought the wreck home for me so I could use parts from it to build a new trike. Now that's friends.

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