Aug 9, 2011

Online Auction

I was checking out my Hotmail to see if anyone had sent me an email or anything and I clicked on an ad for an online auction place. Just out of curiosity, mind you. I went there to see what they had and what kind of prices things are going for. I would really love to get an iPad one day as I saw one a guy had and thought they are really cool and as my laptop gets older and needs replacing I think I'd rather get an iPad than another laptop. First though, I will do a bunch of research to make sure it really is what I want and that I get it for the best price I can. I see that an Apple iPad 32 GB Wi-Fi sold for $22.53. One catch though.... on top of what you pay for the item you also pay $0.60 per bid and this could add up pretty quickly if you have to bed a lot to get the item. During the last 10 seconds, if you bid a penny or more the timer resets to 10 seconds then ticks down and say it gets to 5 seconds remaining and someone else bids a penny, the timer resets to 10 seconds. This can go on for quite some time.

I can see where it could be a lot more pricy than it appears so I would be leery to bid there unless I had lots of money available.

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