Aug 12, 2011

Leaving for Omak

I am heading to Omak WA today, going down for Stampede Weekend. I didn't go last year though for about 5 or 6 years before that I went all the time. Before I head out I have to make sure all of my animals have loads of food and water, way more than enough for the 3 days I'll be gone. Whenever I go like this I make sure I give them way more than they need.... just in case. I also have a 16 year old young man coming by to play with my dog while I'm gone. I don't want Indaway to be lonely so want someone to come visit him, though he too will have way more food and water than he actually needs for 3 days, and Brock will know where the water hose is to be able to give Indaway fresh water.

Another thing I will do before I go is to get travel health insurance, sort of like getting life insurance with no exam, just in case I get injured or killed riding my motorcycle in the US. Any time one crosses the border from Canada to the US it is a good idea to have travel insurance and though I never have gotten it before I will this time. This is the first time I'm going on my motorcycle and last year I found out just how easy it is to be hit by a car. Now I know that 80% of crashes involving motorcycles involves cars hitting the motorcycle. I don't like those odds and do my best to protect myself.

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