Mar 26, 2010

New Nest

Hello, Friday Parrotlet here.

Just wanted to tell you of the happenings here of late. Today our human slave changed our home. She put us into a clean green cage that was much more conducive to attaching a nest box than was our previous white cage. They are both about the same size, so no big deal to Miracle & I. The biggest difference is that the old one had a flat top and this is a dome top, makes no never mind to us. The slave's friend Drew made 2 wooden nest boxes and today she, the slave, cut a hole in the side for us to go in and out and hung it on this 'new' cage. She also put some pine shavings into it for nesting material. You see, the other day she noticed Miracle & I 'consummating' our relationship, so to speak, and decided to make sure we have a nest box just in case some eggs came of it. I know she wants more of us Parrotlets to look after, or as she calls it, some grand birds. Who knows, maybe one day this spring we will be posting baby announcements.

A Note From Mom 'Bean

Today I was reading a very interesting book while visiting at a friend's home. It's a book put out by Reader's Digest, one of those 1001 Interesting Things to read about. Well, that's not the name of it, I don't quite remember what it was, but it was a great read and I will be borrowing it once "Granny" is finished reading it.

Some of the things in this book were write ups about Epsom Salt uses, honey, garlic, etc etc. They said for drawing out splinters and such, take some ES & add just enough water to make a paste, then apply to the effected area. Remember the vet told me to add ES to warm water & soak Reba's foot in it. The Naturapath I talked to said to use a liquid honey poultice on the sore toe, and the book did talk about the healing properties of honey. Neither of those things have helped Reba, though the honey did seem to make at least some difference.

I have come up with an idea to try. I was told to put on Colloidal Silver & Reba kept licking it off so now I put some into her drinking water. I soaked her foot in Epsom Salts and didn't get any noticeable benefit. I put a liquid honey poultice one for 2 days with limited signs of benefit. So... now I'm going to try a mixture. I am going to make a paste using Epsom Salt with just enough Colloidal Silver to make a paste, mix in some liquid honey & use that as a poultice. Maybe together they'll do something for her.

Mar 24, 2010

Mmmm. Tea!

Mmmmm this tea sure is good. I'm drinking Saphara (white tea with schizandra berries)... the ingredients are Organic Fair Trade Certified white tea, organic schizandra berries, organic orange peel, organic cornflower petals, natural flavours. In smaller print, it says "A Journey for the senses from Celestial Seasonings". I also really enjoy Tim Horton's Pomegranate White Tea (white tea, hibiscus, rosehips, orange peel, chamomile, natural pomegranate flavour, licorice root, natural and artificial flavours).

As I sit here on my bed, on my laptop, Mewsic is curled up against me as she so often is when given the chance. I sometimes wonder if she takes a sleep aid, she sleeps so much. Also, sometimes I think I need to take one. Whenever I know I have to get up early in the morning, I set the alarm and then can't sleep. I toss and turn all night long. Strange, but true.

Mom's Thoughts

Well, with some of the animals taking turns on Reba's blog, I thought I may as well add something too. Here it is Wednesday evening and I am at home. It has been some months now since I last was home on this evening of the week. I usually take this evening to go to the Army Navy Air Force club for meat draw night. Not that I buy tickets on the meat, but it's always a fun evening out with many people we know being there. This evening, I am home working on my blogs, making some much needed money as well as catching up on some of what I've been missing lately. I've gone from a Blogaholic to rarely coming to my blogs at all. This is not so good and I hope to soon change that. Lots of things are changing in my life these days and I hope to soon have 1- more time to blog and 2- more interesting things to blog about.

Now, the kettle is boiled and I'm off to make a cup of tea.

Mewsic to Your Eyes

Mewsic here. Reba is laying on the floor at the foot of the bed, licking her sore toe, so I decided to give some cat words for you to read.

I love living here. Now that the dog has this sore foot, I feel much safer than before because now she is not so able to chase after me. I love sneaking into the bedroom and joining Mom on the bed. I come and go now as I please, and mostly I please to be here on the bed sleeping. Being as I am a cat, I never need sleeping pills, I just naturally take cat naps whenever I so please. The best cat naps are when I'm cuddled up beside a warm human body, though when I can't be I do enjoy sleeping on the heap of 2 pillows that I like to call my bed. There are 4 pillows here on Mom's bed, she uses 2 and I use 2, so it works out very well.

I always love to get a bit of canned cat food and of course still love to eat my crunchies. I am starting to feel a cat nap coming on again, so will have to chat more later. Take care.


Bird Talk

Hi. This is the wonderfully handsome blue Pacific Parrotlet, Friday!! It has been awhile since I last wrote here, though due to the dog having a sore foot and not able to type so well, I thought I'd take a turn dancing on the keys. All is going very well with life here. My wife Miracle & I live in a comfortable cage in the master bedroom where the woman sleeps. The woman likes to have all us animals call her Mom for some reason. So, Mom sleeps in this room and on the bed with her sleeps the cat, Mewsic... on the floor at the foot of the bed, real close to our cage, is the dog, Reba. We all get along just fine as these two larger animals do not bother us at all. My dear, beloved Miracle had considered sending away for some cheap adipex to give to DW, the big nasty parrot that lives in the other room. Some months ago now, DW came to our cage when she was out free of her cage. She came way too close to our home, so a fight ensued through the bars and being Parrotlets, we do not back down just because of a size difference. Well, Miracle ended up loosing more than half her beak in the fray. The next day, we managed to get out of our cage and go to DW's. She had been taken away before we had time to complete the fight, and put into her cage, so we went to finish things off. This ended in Miracle getting 2 toes bitten badly and later falling off where the bite was. She still has enough to be safe on the perches, so it could have been worse. After that, Mom moved us into this room to keep us apart from DW. Miracle still thinks we should give her something that would shrink her down to our size so we can even the score. Miracle's beak is almost grown back now, though still looks a little odd. I love her anyway.

Ouch... Sore Toe

If you read my Mom 'Bean's blog, you will know that I have been laid up woof a sore paw. I was in so much pain it was awful, so Mom took me to the vet. She, the vet, said I had a broken toe nail so she ripped it off... literally. Just grabbed it and pulled. OUCH!!! She sure is lucky I had a muzzle on right then or I would've bit her good. Then she told Mom that she's not sure why my toe is swollen... infection maybe but more likely cancer. She sold Mom some drugs to give me and said to soak my foot in warm water woof Epsom Salts in it. I really hated that. None of that helped at all.

Next Mom took me to see Carol, my Black Lab friend Eddy's Mom. Well, she did some muscle testing on me and said she doesn't think it's cancer. Her & Mom put some essential oil on the open sore on my toe, then Carol gave Mom a bottle of Colloidal Silver to put on my toe every morning. Of course as soon as it was on I licked it off, so Mom tried to bandage it and I got upset cuz it hurt so she didn't do that again.

Mom then called a Naturapath. He talked to her on the phone and said to give me Tissue Salts (said what specific kind and specific times to give me specific doses), and said to put liquid honey on my toe and bandage it so I couldn't lick it off. Mom did all that. I got in to the bandage the first night so Mom had to put a new one on. She did it a bit different and I couldn't get it off that time. The toe is a bit better in that it's not so raw & open now, showing some signs of outer healing. It is still real swollen though and still hurts me. Mom is kinda worried but not giving up on me yet. She might even try doing the Tissue Salts n Honey again.

I can tell you, I'd rather have adult acne than this pain in my toe. My spirits are still good though, n I still like to bounce around lots, always wanting to go woof Mom in the truck. I've gotten to where jumping up into the truck is a big job where before the sore toe it was no problem fur me to do. Most times I don't want to jump down out of the truck cuz it hurts my toe, so Mom has to lift me down. This is a big job fur her woof her bad back cuz I weigh 87 pounds. Yup, I'm a big dog and she's just a little woman, but she's tuff.

I know Mom wants Tuggy to get our trike built real soon cuz she wants to take us riding in it... and cuz she's scared I might not be here woof her fur as long as we'd both like. She started the conversion from motorbike to trike so she could take me along woof her... and now I might not be here. She wants to be sure I at least get a ride or two before I have to leave for the Rainbow Bridge where I will wait fur Mom to come join me and her other critters that have gone ahead too. I sure wish I could go to the Dog Park, I miss it a lot but can't go woof an open sore toe.

Mar 13, 2010


Finally I am able to type a bit again. I have had a very sore foot and have not been able to come here to blog fur all of you humans and other critters. Fur awhile I was thinking I should have looked into term life insurance rates cuz I thought my time on Earth was up and I was about to die. Life insurance would have been good then. Now I know I'm not dieing just yet after all, so this is a good thing. My paw was so painful that I even growled & snapped at my Mom Bean when she came to close to me. Most of the time I was still good, but there were a couple times. I just was feeling so bad. Then Mom took me to the critter doctor and they took one of my toenails off cuz it had split. That was terrible painful fur a few minutes, but then it all started to get better. Having that gone was sure good fur me. There is a big open sore on my toe where the nail used to be, but I think it's healing. Very slowly, but every little bit helps. Hey, I gotta live longer yet. When I go who will look after Mom? and who will chase the cat?? Yup, I plan to stick around awhile yet. I've eaten most of my raw meat now and Mom is buying me 100 more pounds of it tomorrow, so see, I gotta stick around fur another 3 months anyway, so I might as well stick around fur another 3 years or more. Just keep the raw food coming!!