Mar 13, 2010


Finally I am able to type a bit again. I have had a very sore foot and have not been able to come here to blog fur all of you humans and other critters. Fur awhile I was thinking I should have looked into term life insurance rates cuz I thought my time on Earth was up and I was about to die. Life insurance would have been good then. Now I know I'm not dieing just yet after all, so this is a good thing. My paw was so painful that I even growled & snapped at my Mom Bean when she came to close to me. Most of the time I was still good, but there were a couple times. I just was feeling so bad. Then Mom took me to the critter doctor and they took one of my toenails off cuz it had split. That was terrible painful fur a few minutes, but then it all started to get better. Having that gone was sure good fur me. There is a big open sore on my toe where the nail used to be, but I think it's healing. Very slowly, but every little bit helps. Hey, I gotta live longer yet. When I go who will look after Mom? and who will chase the cat?? Yup, I plan to stick around awhile yet. I've eaten most of my raw meat now and Mom is buying me 100 more pounds of it tomorrow, so see, I gotta stick around fur another 3 months anyway, so I might as well stick around fur another 3 years or more. Just keep the raw food coming!!

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