Mar 24, 2010

Mewsic to Your Eyes

Mewsic here. Reba is laying on the floor at the foot of the bed, licking her sore toe, so I decided to give some cat words for you to read.

I love living here. Now that the dog has this sore foot, I feel much safer than before because now she is not so able to chase after me. I love sneaking into the bedroom and joining Mom on the bed. I come and go now as I please, and mostly I please to be here on the bed sleeping. Being as I am a cat, I never need sleeping pills, I just naturally take cat naps whenever I so please. The best cat naps are when I'm cuddled up beside a warm human body, though when I can't be I do enjoy sleeping on the heap of 2 pillows that I like to call my bed. There are 4 pillows here on Mom's bed, she uses 2 and I use 2, so it works out very well.

I always love to get a bit of canned cat food and of course still love to eat my crunchies. I am starting to feel a cat nap coming on again, so will have to chat more later. Take care.


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