Mar 26, 2010

A Note From Mom 'Bean

Today I was reading a very interesting book while visiting at a friend's home. It's a book put out by Reader's Digest, one of those 1001 Interesting Things to read about. Well, that's not the name of it, I don't quite remember what it was, but it was a great read and I will be borrowing it once "Granny" is finished reading it.

Some of the things in this book were write ups about Epsom Salt uses, honey, garlic, etc etc. They said for drawing out splinters and such, take some ES & add just enough water to make a paste, then apply to the effected area. Remember the vet told me to add ES to warm water & soak Reba's foot in it. The Naturapath I talked to said to use a liquid honey poultice on the sore toe, and the book did talk about the healing properties of honey. Neither of those things have helped Reba, though the honey did seem to make at least some difference.

I have come up with an idea to try. I was told to put on Colloidal Silver & Reba kept licking it off so now I put some into her drinking water. I soaked her foot in Epsom Salts and didn't get any noticeable benefit. I put a liquid honey poultice one for 2 days with limited signs of benefit. So... now I'm going to try a mixture. I am going to make a paste using Epsom Salt with just enough Colloidal Silver to make a paste, mix in some liquid honey & use that as a poultice. Maybe together they'll do something for her.

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