Mar 24, 2010

Mom's Thoughts

Well, with some of the animals taking turns on Reba's blog, I thought I may as well add something too. Here it is Wednesday evening and I am at home. It has been some months now since I last was home on this evening of the week. I usually take this evening to go to the Army Navy Air Force club for meat draw night. Not that I buy tickets on the meat, but it's always a fun evening out with many people we know being there. This evening, I am home working on my blogs, making some much needed money as well as catching up on some of what I've been missing lately. I've gone from a Blogaholic to rarely coming to my blogs at all. This is not so good and I hope to soon change that. Lots of things are changing in my life these days and I hope to soon have 1- more time to blog and 2- more interesting things to blog about.

Now, the kettle is boiled and I'm off to make a cup of tea.

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