Mar 24, 2010

Bird Talk

Hi. This is the wonderfully handsome blue Pacific Parrotlet, Friday!! It has been awhile since I last wrote here, though due to the dog having a sore foot and not able to type so well, I thought I'd take a turn dancing on the keys. All is going very well with life here. My wife Miracle & I live in a comfortable cage in the master bedroom where the woman sleeps. The woman likes to have all us animals call her Mom for some reason. So, Mom sleeps in this room and on the bed with her sleeps the cat, Mewsic... on the floor at the foot of the bed, real close to our cage, is the dog, Reba. We all get along just fine as these two larger animals do not bother us at all. My dear, beloved Miracle had considered sending away for some cheap adipex to give to DW, the big nasty parrot that lives in the other room. Some months ago now, DW came to our cage when she was out free of her cage. She came way too close to our home, so a fight ensued through the bars and being Parrotlets, we do not back down just because of a size difference. Well, Miracle ended up loosing more than half her beak in the fray. The next day, we managed to get out of our cage and go to DW's. She had been taken away before we had time to complete the fight, and put into her cage, so we went to finish things off. This ended in Miracle getting 2 toes bitten badly and later falling off where the bite was. She still has enough to be safe on the perches, so it could have been worse. After that, Mom moved us into this room to keep us apart from DW. Miracle still thinks we should give her something that would shrink her down to our size so we can even the score. Miracle's beak is almost grown back now, though still looks a little odd. I love her anyway.

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