Mar 26, 2010

New Nest

Hello, Friday Parrotlet here.

Just wanted to tell you of the happenings here of late. Today our human slave changed our home. She put us into a clean green cage that was much more conducive to attaching a nest box than was our previous white cage. They are both about the same size, so no big deal to Miracle & I. The biggest difference is that the old one had a flat top and this is a dome top, makes no never mind to us. The slave's friend Drew made 2 wooden nest boxes and today she, the slave, cut a hole in the side for us to go in and out and hung it on this 'new' cage. She also put some pine shavings into it for nesting material. You see, the other day she noticed Miracle & I 'consummating' our relationship, so to speak, and decided to make sure we have a nest box just in case some eggs came of it. I know she wants more of us Parrotlets to look after, or as she calls it, some grand birds. Who knows, maybe one day this spring we will be posting baby announcements.

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