Apr 2, 2010

Humanly Possible Today

Today I started cleaning up around 2 of the bird cages, planning to move the other 3 bird cages over to that area of my living room. During the winter months, these 3 cages (DW, Paco, Bubba) have been in front of the living room window. Now that the warmer weather is coming, the sun beats in this window and becomes too hot for the birds. The other day I had to close the curtains to keep the sun out. I do that all summer long to help keep the house cooler, but at this time of year I don't want to do that yet. So, I decided to move the birds as I knew I would be eventually doing.

As so often happens, this led to another job and I got distracted from the first job. When I had the 2 cages (Tiki & Billy Bob and Angel & Stud Muffin) moved and the floor swept I decided that I needed to give a nest box to Angel & Stud Muffin before moving the cages back in where they need to be. My friend Drew had built me two wooden boxes for this purpose, and I used one for the Parrotlets, so the other one was for these Cockatiels. I had to decide where the hole needed to be cut and cut it, as well as putting hardware on to hold it on the outside of the cage over one of the food dish holes. I got all of this done and some shavings in there for the bedding.

No, I didn't end up getting the cages back in place as I also decided I need to do some cleaning in that area, clean up some dirt that DW dug out of one of my plants. I decided I would use the cordless vacuum to do this job. I had used the cordless circular saw and the cordless drill to work on the nest box and didn't know how much charge was left in the only battery I have, so figured I should charge the battery before doing the vacuuming job. I put the battery in the charger and went to do something else.

I am very good at starting things and not very good at completing them. Some days I wonder if some kind of project management software would help me to get organized and actually do some of the many projects I have to do here. Hmmmm, likely not.

Now I think I will go do that vacuuming and maybe move the cages into place.

Mom 'Bean

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Vic | Brochure said...

Well it must be really fun and at the same time challenging to have a couple of pet birds. I understand that some breeds needs extra care. It would be great if you can share more about your pet birds and it would be interesting to see how they look like.

regards to Reba!