Apr 16, 2010

Yucky Tea

I had to stay home yesterday when Mom went to her TOPS meeting and to visit her Mom. She said it was too long fur a dog t have t sit in the truck, specially a dog what's had the runs lately. Someone told Mom about this special tea that is s'posed to kill cancer so read about it on the internet... lots of good stuff about this tea. So she bought some fur us. It's called Taheebo Tea and is made from the inner bark of a tree in Brazil. I won't drink it, so she mixes it in woof my food so I have to get some into me. It gave me the runs. Mom had been told that it would 'clean you out when you take it', but that didn't tell me that I'd get the real bad poopies from it. So, I been spending extra time outside lately. Mom didn't give me any last night cuz she said maybe she should cut back on it cuz she could be giving me too much. Anyway, I been on it since Monday night, so nearly 4 days now. Mom thinks I am walking better, though doesn't see any real difference in the swelling on my toe yet. She keeps hoping it will go down and the sores will heal and I will be okay. My take-the-toe-off surgery is scheduled fur next Tuesday, April 20, so we're hoping the vet will say "we don't need to do this after all, the toe can stay and be okay." We won't have to do any credit card processing to get the surgery done cuz the Animal Care Society cares about me and said they'll pay for the surgery, so it's not that. It's that Mom loves me and wants to make me healthy woofout cutting part of me off. Some peoples are praying fur me to get better. I sure hope their prayers work.

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