Apr 27, 2010

Our Ride

As you all know, this dog likes going fur rides in the truck. I get to go most of the times that Mom 'Bean goes out to Tuggy's place to visit and to work on the trike. I likes Tuggy, he always pets me and makes a fuss, telling me what a good dog I am. He must know that the way to Mom's heart is through her critters, and besides, I am a good dog.

Tuggy has made lots of different kinds of trikes over the years, and this one is different than the rest of them. He said it's a prototype so others can make this kind of trike woof less money than other kinds and easy to put on or take off and put motorcycle back to 2 wheels. I wonder if he read the prototype 37c review, or is it some other kind of prototype. Anyway, we will be riding it soon from what I saw the other day. I hope I like riding in the back of the trike as much as I like riding in the back of the truck.

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