Apr 15, 2010

Ripped Off

Mom followed a link awhile back that took her from Facebook to an Iphone place where they said that if Mom submitted her name and stuff, they'd send her an Iphone that she would use fur a few weeks then write about what she thought of this phone. Mom could keep the phone and it would be hers fur doing that report on it. She was real excited cuz she really wanted that phone. Oh, I guess she should have known better, but it really looked legit. Well, I guess she won't be needing iphone accessories any time soon cuz she has never received the darn phone. Now she knows it must have been a scam of some sort, yet still can't seem to throw it off, still there is a part of her that looks fur that phone in the mail.... and it never comes. Grrrrrrr. People that scam should be bitten!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your mom should have known better. I hope her computer will be okay and that no malware or spyware was installed. Yes they should be bitten but we should know better than to click on stuff like that. Unless you are expecting it don't open or click anything like that.