Apr 4, 2010


Every spring each TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) group has a special luncheon to honor the outgoing executive, welcome the new executive, and honor people who have lost the most weight in their category. This coming Thursday is the one for my group. The group leader chose music as the theme for the day and asked everyone to bring some kind of instrument if they have any. I am going to take my native drum and some other small rhythm instruments. Also, I made some gifts for the outgoing executive members. I took old records that I bought at the 2nd hand store, and melted them a bit in the over, shaping them into plant pots.

Today I went to the garden centre across the lake from my place and had a look at what they have for flowering plants in 4" pots. All they have is Pansy plants and various bedding plants. I think the Pansy will be perfect for this project. I will go back on Wednesday and buy 6 plants, all of different colored flowers, then set the pots into the records. I've done this before and it looks quite nice, will make great table decorations until gifted to each outgoing executive member, and they will totally match the theme.

They aren't personalized gifts in that they don't have names on them, but they are hand made gifts which I think always makes them special and personal. I have shown the record pots to a couple people and they think they're great. I'm sure the ladies that get to take them home will like them.

Mom 'Bean

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