Apr 13, 2010

Big Red.

I gots a story to tell you. On Friday, Tuggy phoned Mom and said Big Red died. Big Red is his motorcycle trike. Him & some friends had pushed Big Red over to Butch's place, not far away, and he was spending the night in town but needed Mom and her flat deck trailer to take Big Red home so he could find out what was the matter woof it. So on Saturday morning Tuggy's friend Don drove him out here and they moved the steel rack and a few other things off the flat deck trailer, moved the utility trailer out of the way, then Don left. Once his truck was out of the way I got into the back of our truck, Mom drove it down to the bottom of our yard, and then her & Tuggy got it hooked up to the trailer and off we went to town.

I got to stay in the back of the truck and watch Mom back the trailer into Butch's yard then watch them put chains and what they call a 'come along' on the trailer and hook it to Big Red. They used that to pull Big Red, Mom was pumping on the come along while Butch and Tuggy pushed from behind and then it was on the trailer and Tuggy chained it in place, Mom roped it down fur extra support and then it was ready to go.

During this time there were people in the yard that came to say 'hi' to me once Mom told 'em it was safe to visit me when I'm in my truck. Mom showed them my owwwie foot. At that time it was all fine, just really swollen but later it burst open along the side, I guess from all the pressure inside it. Mom notice a hole in it when we got home later. (More later about this).

Anyway, we drove out to Tuggy's home about a half hour (people time) from where we picked up Big Red. Mom & Tuggy got it partly unloaded then 2 other guys came along and helped. Mom got to look at our trike and said it's coming along. More on that later on her blog though. After they drank tea together, they parked the trailer cuz Mom will need it out there later to bring our trike in to get it inspected for insuring it fur the highway riding... then we left and drove home. Mom went to lift me out of the truck and that's when she noticed my tumor or whatever it is had burst open. (Yes, lift me out of the truck. I trained her to do this fur me since my foot has been sore. Good thing I gots me such a strong Mom cuz I weigh 87 pounds so am a real arm full fur her to lift. Most of the time I jump in by myself, though sometimes I make her lift me in too, just fur the fun of it. Arf, arf, arf.)

Now I gotta go sleep. I'll try to blog some more tomorrow fur you.

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