Apr 16, 2010

Big Red's Resurrection

Big Red had surgery cuz he 'died' the other day. These are some piktures Mom took of him on Wednesday, then yesterday Tuggy took the faring off, that's the big thing on the handle bars, so he could get to more of the wiring. He found and fixed the problem, then put Big Red back together. Mom got a phone call from Tuggy in the later afternoon telling her he'd been out riding Big Red and he's running good.

I sure wish it was as easy to resurrect dogs that die as it is to bring motorcycles back to life when they die.

Anyway, now that Big Red is back running real good, and looking like he's s'posed to, Tuggy will be able to go fur a nice ride on Sunday. It's his birthday and he's ridden his motorcycles on his birthday fur the last 50 years so wasn't about to miss this year. Now, he can put more time towards finishing Mom's trike. She'll update you on her blog.

Disclaimer: No Ferrari parts are being used in the repairs of building of these two trikes. Harley parts for Tuggy's Big Red, and Yamaha, Datsun/Nissan, and various other parts are being used fur the manufacturing of our trike.

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Printing Quotes | UPrinting Coupons said...

Good to hear that Big Red's all working again. :D Man, that trike's awesome!