Apr 20, 2010

Reba: So Far So Good

Well, Reba is home. When I went to pick her up, they brought her out to me and she seemed happy to come to me, then lay down with my foot as her pillow. She is still very sleepy. She is also very not her usual self. While still in the vet office I was told she'd gotten snarly with them... then when I just petted her head she growled at me. One of the gals there offered to help me lift her into the truck, so I had to coax her all the way to the truck, then we lifted her up onto the tail gate and that is where she decided to lay down and go back to sleep. I was trying to get her to move into the truck far enough for me to close it so I could drive away and I very nearly got my arm ripped off. Wow, this supper lovey dovey dog sure can turn into a snarling, ferocious, dangerous dog when she wants to. I never saw this side of her in all the years I had her until this problem with her foot, now this is the 3rd time. Each time though, I must admit, even though she snapped at me, snarling and growling, if she had really wanted to she could have gotten me and ripped me to shreds... and she didn't. Too close for comfort though, for sure. Finally, she did go into the truck and I was able to close it up.

I was given a bottle of antibiotics to give to her for the next 2 weeks, as well as some anti-inflammatory/pain med stuff, and one of those cones to put over her head if she starts licking at the bandaged foot. I must try to keep it clean and dry for the next 3-5 days, then can take the bandage off. Providing the stitches don't rip out, I have to take her in in about 2 weeks to have them taken out. Apparently, they had a bit of a hard time closing the area after removing the toe. I have to try to keep this hyper active dog calm for the 2 weeks to lessen the chance of the stitches ripping out. Gee, sounds like fun. (ya right).

Will keep you updated on Reba's recovery. We hope she will soon be able to return to her blogging though with a toe missing it may now be more difficult for her to type.... guess I'll have to take dictation. haha.

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