May 1, 2010

Reba Speaks

Today Mom was going out to visit her trike and Tuggy so I was going to go along woof her. Unfortunately, there was a strange noise coming from the motor of our truck so Mom called Tuggy and he came 'n got her in his car so I had to stay home all day, out in my dog run. Things are not real exciting out there as I don't really get to see much from back in that part of the yard. The other day I put a thought in Mom's head to make my run go out to the front a bit further, so hopefully she'll do that, even though it would mean her loosing a flower bed. I dogonally don't see a problem woof that, I mean, who needs flower beds anyway? She has a fenced in area up the hill too that she built fur the chickens, then realized she couldn't put them up there. The hawks or eagles were picking the chickens right out of the yard, so to put them on the hill would just be almost like feeding them to the birds of prey. May as well put a big neon sign up, written in bird language, saying "Ali's Fast Food Chicken Joint"!! Anyway, she keeps planning to move some steps she has from the back yard out to there so I can get up onto the retaining wall and into that fenced area. I sure wish she'd get it done so I'd have more space and a real good view too.

Do you know what "modern bedroom furniture" is fur a dog?? It's the same as the old bedroom furniture so far as I can see. A nice piece of foam and some old blankets laying on the floor at the foot of Mom's bed. Yup, a good place fur me to get some sleep now.

Oh ya, my foot is starting to heal up a bit and I'm feeling better... getting my bounce back. Mom said she kinda liked it when I wasn't so hyper, but she's real happy to see me getting it back cuz it shows I'm feeling better again. She was kinda worried about me fur awhile. I think she loves me, arf arf arf!!

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