May 1, 2010

My Weight

Before my surgery, our friend Dan said to Mom 'Bean that he thought I was loosing weight, getting skinny cuz of having cancer, but I wasn't. Last fall, Mom took me to the vet fur a needle and he put me on the scales. I weighed about 85#. Then when Mom took me to the vet in February about my sore foot I was weighed and 87#, then just before the surgery I was 90#. I don't eat much, just mostly small amounts of raw meat. Mom sometimes feels bad about giving me such small meals and I sure like eating it so would love to have more, but it must be enough if I'm gaining weight. Mom will keep a good eye on me cuz she doesn't want me to get fat, or to be too skinny, just a healthy weight. I still have my puppyish figure and we don't want me to loose that and be rolly polly like too many other dogs we see.

Do you know what a challenge it is fur a dog to type? Especially on a little laptop computer? Especially a big dog like me woof big paws?? It's not easy, let me tell you, and having no opposible thumbs doesn't help either. Now, I'm missing a toe!!! I am having to learn to type all over again. I think maybe I need to hold a bone in my mouth and use it to hit the letters my missing toe used to hit. What do you think of that??



Vic | Brochures said...

Yup better maintain a healthy weight. eating too much is not good. Hope your toe is okay after the surgery. The bone idea is good but don't you think it'll be more of distraction? :-)

HVAC Man said...

Gaining weight is very easy, but losing weight is very difficult. ITs better to take care of our diet and got for some exercises to maintain our weight.