May 15, 2010

Random Barks

- Mom's been leaving me home alone a lot lately. I don't appreciate this, even though she tells me it's because she can't leave me in the truck all day with it being so hot out now.
- Dan said he'd come help Mom take the canopy off and put the rack onto our truck. He didn't show, or phone, or answer his phone when Mom called him. He hasn't called since then either. Mom is not happy woof him. They was also sposed to go get some free bathtubs fur Mom to use to make raised bed gardens fur her vegetables to live in. The lady woof the tubs was real nice about it and has made some other arrangements to get these tubs to Mom.
- TOPS must be the best best weight loss pill, cuz I hear Mom say she goes to TOPS to loose weight and she's been getting slimmer.
- Mom has been going to ride her trike the last while. She said it is soon going to be on the road, it's so close to being finished getting built. she is having fun learning to ride it.

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