May 15, 2010

Another Day.

Mom 'Bean was out at Tuggy's place again today, working on the 'pretties' on her trike and learning to ride it. Today was her second time riding around the yard and she had a wonderful time. She has been feeling like she's improving quickly, getting more confident all the time. Today Tuggy's friend Brian came by and he saw Mom ride. He told her that she's doing really good and that the trike looks real nice. Tuggy later told Mom too that she's learning real quick and doing a great job of riding/driving the trike. Tuggy's landlady, Mandy, asked Mom what she'd do if I don't like riding on the trike and Mom told her that if i really don't like it I will not have to do it, I'll stay home when she goes riding. I know Mom is really hoping I do like it though, and so am I.

Today Mom got a real good sunburn on her upper back cuz she was in the sun too long and furgot to put on a shirt or sunscreen. She was busy and just didn't think about it. I've seen her do that before and get a really really bad sunburn on her back and arms. this time Tuggy saw she was getting red and told her she should put on a shirt or something. She still is very red and kinda sore, though no where near as bad as that day last year. If she keeps getting burned like this she better find real good wrinkle creams, cuz sun dries out skin and dry skin wrinkles more than moist skin. Sun burn dries out skin real fast.

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