May 15, 2010

I'm Good!!

My foot is feeling so much better now. It is healing really well and I am not in that nasty pain any more. I have even pretty much adjusted to walking woof a toe missing. It's all good. The vet never did find out fur sure if it was cancer or not, but like she said to Mom, what else could it be. My toe was so sore and so swollen up real big, more than twice its normal size. Cancer is not fun, people, and I am a very fortunate dog that it was just in one toe and could be cut away so easily, though amputation is a fairly drastic thing to have done. Hey, any of you that have zits, I know it seems terrible, but know that acne solutions are way easier on you than cancer and cancer solutions.

Now that I'm almost all healed up I sure hope Mom can take me to the dog park again soon, though she says my foot has to be totally healed before I can go there. she doesn't want to chance me getting infections.

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Anonymous said...

Reba that is such good news my friend. I'm glad things are going so well. This totally makes my day :)