May 28, 2010

Cat Info

Hi... Mewsic here.... yup, the cat!! Reba, or as I call her, the stupid dog, went out to "do her business" which gives me the opportunity to put in a word or two here on her blog. She told you some of the things dogs need and don't need and I'm going to tell you the same about cats.

Some of the many things cats enjoy:
- a human to be our slave, feeding us and tending to all our needs as we desire
- canned cat food
- to be petted when and how we want to
- to be left alone when we choose
- the odd mouse to chase and terrorize
- a clean litter box
- to snuggle and cuddle and sleep with our human slave

Some of the things we really do NOT need or want:
- a dog chasing us
- humans expecting us to be like dogs
- maxoderm
- birds that chase us (hey, it's happened to me right here in this house, don't laugh, it's not funny!! We are supposed to chase the birds. These ones that live in this house too can be really nasty and scary).
- a stranger taking up my spot on the human slave's bed.
- the dog stopping us from getting to the human slave's bed.

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