Feb 20, 2010

Mom 'Bean Here again

I am not getting slim really quick, though with changing the way I eat & by moving more, I will get slim the healthy way. I some days do tend to feel frustration with myself due to gaining some back, or failing to loose weight, and I know this is due to poor eating habits that are so easy to fall back into and are not easy to get rid of. I love to eat sweets, baking mostly and especially if it has chocolate in it... and I have to stay away from this type of thing not only for my weight but for my health, period. I also love eating bread and cheese, two things that don't help with the dropping of pounds. I know if I keep working on this I will get slim in time. Will I one day look back on my "slimquick reviews"? No! Will I look back on how I lost 60 pounds and got healthy too?? Review how I got sexy again?? Yes! That I will do... one day. Reba is helping me every time we go for walks and I so look forward to when I can drive her to the dog park on the trike so it will cost way less for gas & we can go more often. We will both benefit from this.

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