Feb 12, 2010

Bird Bits

- Birds need more than just seeds in their diet.
- Birds like to eat fresh veggies & fruit... these are good for us.
- Birds don't get zits so don't use treatment for acne.
- Birds don't need to use shampoos or skin care products either.
- Birds do, however, like to take bathes, or at least some birds do. Some even like to shower.
- Sometimes birds like to get out of their cages & fly around the house. This is fun for the bird(s) and usually for the humans too... however, it can be very dangerous to the birds, so please make sure it's going to be safe for us to do this.
- Birds that tweet, twitter, sing make their humans feel calmer & less stressed, so long as the bird does this quietly as us Parrotlets always do. We are not like Bubba the 'tiel in the other room.

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