Feb 20, 2010

Mom 'Bean Here

Just some human thoughts here.

Reba & I like to go for walks at the dog park or other places as this is wonderful exercise for us. We really enjoy the time together as well as seeing other dogs & people. We both very much enjoy other dogs as well as other people and some days I think Reba likes the people more than she does the dogs, as I often like the dogs more than I do the people. Anyway, we like going for our walks. Also, I like to go to the pool to do exercise classes or even just to swim for awhile, then the reward is sitting in the hot tub for awhile. I also carry a 40 pound bag of pellets into the house every day during the winter, this is how I heat my home. Dog food and cat litter also come in 40 - 45 pound bags which I pick up and carry. I don't go to the gym, though I do always have lots of muscles. I think my day to day life is, for me, a good muscle builder. Since I have been doing Aqua Therapy at the pool I have seen my calves showing muscle definition, more like they used to do before. I like the way my body has always been very strong & am overjoyed to see some muscle replacing fat on my body. Even when the scale doesn't reflect it, I can see my body changing.

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