Feb 8, 2010

Weird Stuff.

There have been things happening in Mom's life the last while & she is now looking to change volunteer careers. But I can't really tell you about it all, just that Mom has been giving this a lot of thinking the last week.

Another thing Mom has been giving thinking to is a marriage proposal. Yup, her friend Jerry from the United States phoned here a few nights ago and asked Mom to marry him & move to the US to travel around woof him in his motor home. She could even take me and some of the other critters, though most wouldn't fit in the motor home and Mom says she'd have to leave all the birds and chinchillas and rabbit behind... so that just leaves me and the cat. Mom can't stand to leave all her critters behind as much as she'd like to go travel like Jerry said. Oh ya, Mom likes him lots but doesn't think she loves him like she'd have to to marry him. But she thinks it's nice that someone would like to marry her.

I'm pretty sure we'll be staying right here cuz Mom loves all us critters more than she loves Jerry and the idea of traveling around the states. He said they'd winter in southern states and summer in northern ones. He's traveled & lived in lots of these places already & is smart enough to know Mom is wonderful!

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Jan's Funny Farm said...

Sounds like your mom is having to make some serious decisions. We're sure she'll make the right ones.