Nov 22, 2009

One vs Another

I sure am glad that Mom has 2 digital cameras. Well, one would be good enough of course, but it's good she has 2 just in case something happens to one of 'em. She got her 'new' one about a year ago now cuz it's better than the 'old' one in some ways. It's like: Kodak vs Fugifilm, megapixels - 4 vs 10, and zoom - 10 vs 12. The Kodak 'old' camera has a rechargable battery that came woof it and the Fujifilm 'new' camera Mom bought rechargable AA batteries and charger. So, anyway, there were some good times fur awhile where Mom didn't have to scrape fur all her money, and now things have changed. She'll have to find a new income cuz we can't live on her disability alone. Anyway, we'll trust God to bring us enough money to live and pay all our bills. We just gotta remember that when one door closes another one opens... and it is usually better. Right? RIGHT!

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Anonymous said...

That's so true Reba...things always work out for the best :)