Jul 31, 2009

Mom is Goofy

... no, not the dog Goofy, just goofy as in a little bit, errrr... crazy.

She has a flat deck trailer that was given to her and she tried to use it fur hauling pellets fur our stove (she stocks up in summer fur the winter). It turned out that a ton of pellets is too heavy fur this trailer that used to be a travel trailer before someone took the top off it. Also, it's kinda long and there's a tight corner at the top of the hill (our driveway) so can't get trailer close enough to carport to make unloading easy. Turns out it's easier to just use the truck and make several trips, bringing home 1/2 ton at a time and can then back right into carport to unload all those heavy bags. So now what is she going to use the trailer fur? Well, guess there's several things it might come in handy fur, or will it just be more clutter in the yard?

Now here's the goofy part. She decided to make it into a Redneck Tent Trailer!! She's going to build a platform on the front of it. Underneath the platform will be storage space and on top of the platform she'll put a tent woof a mattress/foamy in it. When driving the tent will be down, then will be put up when parked. She's thinking build rails around the sides and it's a patio fur chairs, table and BBQ that will be in storage space while driving. I can even be there woof her on the patio or tied to the trailer hitch. She wants to go out to some lakes and drown worms. Now how goofy is that too? She said when she's drowning worms, fishies might get on her hook and come out of the water fur us to eat 'em.

Woof a tent trailer like that I don't think we be going to any rv parks, though I can see Mom doing that if we ever needed to. (Whine). I think we should take it into a parade woof the tent up and a "Redneck Tent Trailer" sing. Arf, arf, arf. Maybe fur the TOPS group or fur Toastmasters so people will see and want to join these clubs. Arf, arf, arf.

If she ever gets her hands on a tent to use, and on the wood she'll need, and actually builds this thing, I'll make sure to get piktures fur you to see it.


Thom said...

Reba my girl...your mom is goofy. But I think practical as well. It sounds fun. Make sure you get the pictures. Oh and Happy Positive Day 2009 to you :)

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