Oct 28, 2009

My New Bed

You should see the bed Mom made fur me in my truck, arf!! She put a pallet into the back of the truck to keep my bed off the floor cuz the canopy leaks and we bean getting lots of rain. Then she put a big thick old piece of foam over the pallet, then some carpet she took out of our living room last winter. She's been keeping it just fur me. I was so surprised and happy woof it the other day when Mom took me fur a ride in the truck. I hadn't been able to go along fur awhile cuz of all the rain and no canopy on the truck, and now that it's back on I can go again. Mom took me to the Centre on Sunday morning, then to Enderby to Nan's place in the evening. And guess what we did in between!! We went to visit a lady at Enderby who has birds. She sold a girl Pacific Parrotlet to Mom fur our boy Friday. She's real cute, but I don't see her & him getting very friendly. Mom keeps hoping tho. So while I waited fur Mom all those places, I had great sleeps on my new bed. I had lots of good dreams too, one strange one tho was these guys talking about virtualization services. Heck I don't even know what that means. Anyway, it turned out that the new bird wasn't a dream. She doesn't have a name so Mom will give her one, soon as she thinks of a good one fur the little feather head.

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