Oct 30, 2009

Where We Live

Winter is getting closer all the time here. It's been raining a LOT, and getting colder. Today it was all gray 'n dingy out, raining lots in the morning and clearing up in the afternoon which is when I went outside much against my will. (Mom seems to think I need to go out eventually every day). As the clouds lifted up a bit I finally could see some of the mountain/hill across the valley from our home & there was/is snow moving down on it. All too soon it will be where we live. I don't mind the snow so much, but Mom would rather it not be here. It's a good thing that we live in well manufactured homes, "mine" and "ours". Mine was made by someone who took it to the auction to sell it. I was just a pup at the time and Mom let me check it out, then when I liked it she bought it fur me. A nice man asked her how she planned to get it home and she said she didn't know (she drove a car at that time). He offered to bring it home and she was happy. He didn't let her pay him or nothing, just dropped it off and left. Now I'm nearly 11 years old, so guess I've had my house fur about 10 1/2 years or so now. It could use a new roof as I've kinda damaged it woof my claws when I stand up and put my front paws on it, but it's not leaking yet so guess it's not so bad.

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