Oct 30, 2009

Mom's A Dreamer

Mom has a dream! Well, she has a few dreams... but this one in particular is to renovate her bathroom. She wants to build an addition on, kinda like one of those pop-out things on travel trailers, so that she'd have room fur a nice big bath tub. She used to love taking baths but never does anymore cuz she hates this tub, it's too small fur her and she's not even very long!! She was thinking maybe one of those walk in tubs, or a jetted tub... or her favorite would be the old fashioned claw foot tub. Anything that has a slanted back and enough room to relax and soak. She wants a big window in the wall too, and maybe those glass bricks too, so there's lots of light and she can see out when soaking. No one could see in unless they were right here in our yard and through the carport to the back... like the Hydro meter guy. Another dream she has is redoing the entire kitchen!! There are others too.

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